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  1. Use gpad app it works great
  2. bobgaby

    tango on galaxy tab

    i am using tango on my tab and it works grate, my wife has galaxy s and having also the tango installed on it and we can have video calls on both
  3. i am using think free office its a good app and i am printing using a wireless printer
  4. bobgaby

    A new case for samsung Galaxy Tab

    here is mine
  5. bobgaby

    Removing unwanted apps from my Tab

    after rooting you could use titanium backup it can remove the unwanted apps from the stock rom bobgaby
  6. bobgaby

    ROOT @ Samsung Galaxy Tab

    i guess you need to get the market enabler check it out :(
  7. hi ok what you need to press is UP volume key, the lock key, end key and the answering key all 4 buttons to gather at the same time and dont let go before you get the formatting display press call key to confirm formatting it worked for me
  8. hi all ok what i did is the following to rest my device to the original condition, basically i went to the main menu setting and i pressed the memory setting it came to a list i pressed clear memory and it gave me the following warning all settings and data stored in your device will be removed enter 1234 and press done to confirm and that how i did it :) :)

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