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  1. I like the xiaomi redmi 2 4.7" http://www.tinydeal.com/xiaomi-redmi-2-47-ips-hd-msm8916-quad-core-android-44-4g-lte-phone-p-144567.html because I think 5" or bigger is too big for a phone!
  2. Completely agree with everything you've said 100%. I've got a HTC ONE X (4.7" screen) and refuse to go any bigger - ideally I'd like to go a little smaller - I think 4.5" would be my ideal. Also like you the camera burst mode on my HTC is one of the most important features on my phone - for taking pictures of my son. I've just finished 2 years with the ONE X and have decided to keep it for another year on sim only, because there's nothing out there I want to replace it with. I love getting new gadgets but I don't want a phone with a 5" or bigger screen. I've got an old iPhone 3GS as a work phone and an iPad, but I'm not keen on the Apple UI. It's ok, I can use it - but much prefer Android.
  3. I'm Paul, a web developer and big android nut. My most memorable drive was from Stuttgart to Monaco for the Grand Prix. Took 13 hours including lots of bank holiday traffic and a smash windscreen thanks to kids throwing stones off a bridge! Eventually gave up trying to find somewhere to replace a windscreen in italy on a holiday and carried on regardless!
  4. Really liking these tasker guides, but I'm wondering how much battery it uses especially if you are running many profiles? surely constantly checking location etc will have an affect? or does the savings in battery life from turning off wifi etc outweigh it?
  5. presume there's no real benefit in updating this if it's already working on your phone? Still not actually managed to test mine yet tho as I tried in Greggs but hadn't spent the £3 minimum, I then went to McDonalds but they didn't have contactless machines!
  6. great work Paul. any chance you can patch the ics lock screen to go to the HTC camera instead of stock?
  7. I have problems maintaining wifi connection. Randomly disconnects but the wifi icon still says that it has signal. Looking through the xda forums it's a common problem I've had the issue on all roms i've tried - stock, leedroid and MCR - many people believe its wireless N, change to G and people report stable connections (not tried it personally yet, just turn wifi on and off again).
  8. Used ES file explorer to copy to sys/apps, changed permissions, reboot - app appeared fine. during signup/activation I got dumped back to home screen several times, took 3 attempts to add the google prepaid card but eventually worked and got my $10 credit. will try it out next time I'm near a gregs/mcdonalds....
  9. Will give this a go, been wanting to test out the nfc on my One X (one of the main reasons I got it over the One S). Cheers Paul
  10. just flashed the Vanilla rom (no wipe over LeeDroid) - the best shot feature doesn't work on the camera (and clicking the thumbnail to go to gallery does nothing) is this because it is part of sense or a problem because I didn't wipe?
  11. HTC One X - random fact, it's too BIG!
  12. After looking into it further. it's just a port of the iPhone version which has been round a while. There's no reason they couldn't have released this for all devices capable of running it (except EA probably got a wedge of cash from SE for the exclusivity). It just encourages people to look into 'alternative' methods of getting the game. A quick google shows it's freely available on many sites - but who knows what kind of malware could have been added to the apk. Do you think the cash that EA got from SE will make up for the lost earnings due to piracy for the people not willing to wait the weeks/months until its released to all?
  13. LOVE the Dead Space games on PS3 - completed both. Unfortunately I've not got an XPlay (HTC desire). As you mention touch screen controls, is this game going to be released for the rest of the Android population? Not liking all these specific handset game releases :(
  14. Updates for Oxygen and Cyanogen http://alpharev.nl/
  15. I have the appstore installed on both my Desire and Vega, and all the apps I've downloaded are accessible on both devices and I get notifications on the vega to download apps which I have downloaded using my desire (I have only installed free apps - but wouldn't have thought paid ones would be any different).
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