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  1. withoutwings

    CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies now available for the LG Optimus 2X

    How about a MoDaCo CM10 nightly with a few tweaks (or bugfixes)? ;)
  2. I'm not impressed with this v20L 0725 baseband (on GR5) compared with the 823 that I had previously... signal strength is much worse in my house (2G) and the calls I've made so far seem to have terrible call quality. Anyone else have similar issues?
  3. Yeah, I'm finding the r27 kernel to be not the most stable thing in the world. It seems to leak memory quite a bit in addition to the (mainly browser) freezes and after a few days with it my phone is doing all sorts of weird stuff. I think I'll bake one with the stock kernel as a base and then maybe experiment with other ones later. Are you planning on having the kernels separately downloadable again Paul?
  4. No, not yet it isn't - this is just stock CM for now until Paul starts to play around with LG stuff some more. FYI, A2DP is working in CM and has done so for quite a few weeks...
  5. On FR17 I find that any app - not just Juice Defender - that switches wifi on automatically while the screen is off will cause a reboot.
  6. Good job Paul - should be very useful! Hopefully you don't get too many "my clock has disappeared" ones though... :D ;)
  7. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Oh, just spotted another feature which would be extremely handy: is it possible to catch a request to "flash the phone's LED" that an app sends to Android and turn that into a notification? I hate to keep pointing to "that other app", but they seem to have managed it, though I'm not sure how: http://www.appbrain.com/app/lg-o2x-touch-l...ednotifications
  8. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Yes ok I see what you're saying and that would work, but I can also see a use case where someone may not wish to lose their custom notification setup despite switching to "use default for all" temporarily. Plus, the list of apps which cause notifications should still be able to be modified even if "use default for all" is set. Otherwise we can't change our custom apps to notify for! (I'm assuming apps not in that list won't trigger BBL? Or if they do, then we probably need a separate "ignore" list or attribute for apps we don't want notified.)
  9. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Hi lilHermit, From my earlier feedback, this is probably the most important issue to me: But I can't see it on your "future features list" - so just wondering if you do plan to do that one? Or is there a way to use the defaults setting for all notifications already that I've missed?
  10. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Come on, let the guy do one thing at a time. :D
  11. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! :D Also, I may be able to lend a hand with some coding if you need as I am a programmer by trade; in fact I started to make a LED flashing/notification app myself before giving up when I noticed that the Swedroid one was just the same as I was going to make! (And that's how I know that pulse should be able to appear smoother too - plus I don't think that should affect its modularity.) But using a modified framework the way that you have is definitely the right way to go to do it properly, so I'll be excited to have this on my 2X.
  12. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Hi lilHermit, Here are some comments I'd like to make after testing beta2: Functionality A "test" function that adds a notification item which uses the defaults would be handy. You could place this under Menu-Softkey-->Test Notification so that it's not in the way. It needs an option to "use defaults for all notifications" as it will get very tedious to manually change every single app when you want all to behave the same A configurable "night mode" would be useful so that the light won't wake someone up! So I could do something like disable at 10PM and re-enable at 7AM for example so I still see the notification when I wake up. I don't see the need to have the "info" items on the main screen. You could combine them into a single "info" item that shows a popup, or Menu-Softkey-->Info The "Defaults" settings should all be put on the front page; disabled if "use defaults for all notifications" is unchecked. The "Applications" item is only enabled if that option is not checked too. Screen on brightness setting should on its own on the main screen as it is independent of the notification settings. I would argue to have the actual slider there instead of as a popup. Why is LED brightness from 1 to 21? I'm pretty sure that the values in /sys/devices/platform/star_touch_led/wled are from 0 (off) to 20 (fully lit). Screen-on brightness should change the LED brightness instantly as I drag the slider. The time sliders should snap to 100ms steps at least. There isn't much point in having values like 1012 or 7554, not to mention that they definitely won't be divisible by 20. The time slider value should have "ms" displayed after the value to make the unit of time clear. Pulse Mode [*]I would like more options, such as setting the fully-lit time in addition to fade in, fade out times. [*]It seems to flicker a bit when fading in or out so does not appear smooth, almost as if not all 20 brightness levels/steps are being used or it is even switching off briefly between some of the lower steps (a bit like slow pulse-width-modulation would do). This is particularly noticeable as it is fading out. Using a similar configuration in the Swedroid "Optimus 2X Touch LED Notifications" app does not flicker in the same way. Bugs [*]Pulse does not work at all if the notificaton's "Brightness" setting is too low (10 or less, for example)
  13. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Nothing in my PM inbox, can you try again?
  14. withoutwings

    [APP] Button Backlight Alert

    Cool, well I'll wait for beta2 to give you a full review (interface/usability, bugs, suggestions); but for now notifications seem to be functioning well in beta1.

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