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  1. Ok, this is the best KitKat ROM i've tried! Does someone know how to make statusbar transparent? I'v tried to add the line to built.prop bit doesn't work...
  2. Yes it's dashclock...launcher is nova and icon set is click UI...i removed status bar and use halo...i'm using c-rom from htcmania forum, there are a lot o cool ROM there!
  3. Latest built (3.9) seems really better than 3.85...it was really laggy e unstable...
  4. are you sure it doesn't depend on your wi-fi network? It happens with every networks? I ask because this weekend it happened to me at a friend's house but it is an isolated case.
  5. Hey where is latest link? (24/02 build) i can see only 20/02 into google drive folder and slim ota doesn't find any update...
  6. Hey where is latest link? (24/02 build) i can see only 20/02 into google drive folder and slim ota doesn't find any update...
  7. Anyway, i just discovered that mokee os has multiwindows! :-Q______ __ _
  8. Maybe a bad download? Or wrong recovery? Anyway my bug with slimkat are keyboard that FC like happened also with cm10.2 to me (not with cm10.1, cm11 and now with mokee), back and menu buttons sometimes doesn't work, only home work (this is strange and happened only with slimkat) and the last annoying bug i found was missing browser's bookmarks sync, it miss in google account in settings! I had this bug with slimkat and now with mokee but not with cm11 and i used the same gapps. I already wrote my bugs here but nobody care! Even developers that don't write a post since days! With cm11 i had only some random reboot but rarely compared to cm10.2! I don't know if someone else has my bug, but seems that every device has its own bugs! :P Mine has problem also with fusionx...!
  9. I agree with you in some point but not in other, i have some bugs with slimkat that i don't have with cm11 and vice versa, both aren't perfect, and i suggest you to try also mokee OS from htcmania!
  10. Where do you read that it's not made for cm?!?! Rovo89 (developer of xposed framework) use cm10.2...
  11. Am i the only one who think that cm11 is better!? Now i give again a try to slimkat with a fresh install and i hope that will go everything good...not like the last time...
  12. GTA SA still doesn't work for me with CM11 and GLTools...but i think it's a problem of the ROM because also uno & friends doesn't work.... :/
  13. I come from slimkat and i must say you're wrong, this cm11 is better...if you look in slimkat threat i wrote some problem i faced ( i had no answer and i hate it!!)...the only problem i found here is that game doesn't work (i tryied uno & friends and GTA SA)
  14. I have some problem with keyboards, softkeys and bookmarks sync...sometimes keyboards stop work and the only way to make it work again it's restart the application that i was using (usually browser, and it happen with all the keyboards i tryied, AOSP, google keyboard and TouchPal)...sometime back and menu keys doesn't work, only home works...there isn't bookmark syncronization in google account, but it can be a problem of slim gapps...
  15. Does someone know why i don't see anything into gallery and music player?
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