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  1. I need a little help. I followed the instructions to unlock the bootloader and was successful. Then I followed the instructions to Root the device. Ry-Blaisdells-MacBook:1.1-nexusone-superboot rylincoln$ ./install-superboot-mac.sh sending 'boot' (2066 KB)... OKAY writing 'boot'... OKAY Ry-Blaisdells-MacBook:1.1-nexusone-superboot rylincoln$ Looks fine, no? I then reboot the phone and tried Nexus Torch as a test of an App that required Root access But SU just times out and must be forced closed after this. I tried running su from terminal emulator and had the same results. I tried repeating the steps to root the device and no luck. Any ideas? -Ry And I'm an idiot... didn't turn on USB Debugging mode.

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