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  1. I am about to upgrade to a Motorola Milestone from my HTC Hero . I would like to have a hardware keyboard and i also wan't to have more processor power. I realy like playing old games with emulators on my mobile. But the Hero lacks hardware buttons and the processor isn't fast enogh. I would like to know how much speed i would get. Would it be to optimitic to expect it to be allmost twice as fast? i know it's killer for 3d performance , but it's mostly the processor speed i need. Thanks
  2. Thanks for replying. I have already bought her one, and she seems positive. I installed JC5 2.1 beta with root. And i also installed htc keyboard to get native t9 language support. I replace pantheon (samsung launcher) with launcher 2. I think it's a good buy.
  3. And does anybody know if it would be possible to add apps to sd, once it's rooted
  4. My wife want's a cheap touchscreen device. I was thinking about purchasing a HTC tatoo, but then i discovered the Samsung i 5700 Spica. 800 mhz processor, oled and the pricetag looks good. But i have somethings i need to know. Does it have native european language keyboard support and if not, can i install and use htcime (from sense) Is it a clean android (vanilla) os, or can i make that way. I know it can be rooted Thanks
  5. MCR 3.2 B5 Is the best rom i have tried yet (speedy). The only downside, is that the permanet 2G setting is missing. Thanks
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