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  1. Thanks Paul. Getting my device on Sunday. Can we look forward to an MCR for the SII at some point?
  2. Thanks for the update Paul. A couple of issues. Getting SU force closes as mentioned by others. Also unable to install ROM manager off market. Downloads but won't install. Otherwise all seems ok so far.
  3. For me it was a very very close call between the Desire Z and the Venue Pro. I just love the idea of the Dell form factor but not sure how well it works in actual use. Eventually it came down to WP7 being a v1 from Microsoft and the Venue Pro being a v1 from Dell being too much of risk for me. I will probably get a WP7 (Probably the next iteration of the venue pro) at some point in the future.
  4. Running it for almost a day now and absolutely no problems. Feels like an r10 not an r1 :rolleyes: . Thanks! Looking forward to having stock contacts/dialer option available at some point. :huh:
  5. The keys feel rubbery. They don't have too much travel and not very "clickey" particularly when compared to a Blackberry keyboard which I still consider the gold standard. If you are basing your decision on the keyboard alone I'd advise you to try before you buy. Have not used a G1 so can't comment.
  6. Same for me. r12 gave me permroot with no issues at all. 2 clicks - First temp root, then perm root. Thats all. Thanks Paul.
  7. Got mine unlocked from Clove. Excellent service. Shipped almost immediately.. DHL took 4 days to get it to Dubai.. been playing with it for 2 days now and it's awesome :rolleyes: Initial feedback moving from Blackberry 9700 + Desire (BB when travelling outside the office - need the keyboard when I'm not lugging a laptop around, Desire when in the office) to full time Desire Z: 1) Battery Life - MUCH MUCH Better.. this was my biggest problem with the Desire, barely lasted 8 hours in office, let alone a whole day. This one easily lasts me a day. 2) Fast! 3) Love the enhancements on the new Sense. Everything just feels more fluid. Too many improvements to list but e-mail client in particular (with corporate exchange sync) works beautifully with the keyboard. Like the customization options as well with skins (Slate is very nice). However I expect all of this will be available through HTC or Paul at some point for the standard Desire as well. 4) Keyboard is good not great. Slightly mushy when compared to a Blackberry for instance but good enough for me. This was the main reason I bought the phone and for the way I work (mostly e-mail, lots of browsing, then phone/messaging etc) I would't go back to a touch screen only phone. 5) Don't like touch keys for home/menu/back/search. Much prefer the Desire's physical buttons. However the touchpad is definitely better than the optical nub thing on the desire. 6) It's heavy - don't underestimate the weight. This one weighs down the pocket and you always feel like you may drop it if you are not careful. Desire was so light I barely knew it was there. Have dropped the desire more than once and gotten away with it but not so sure this will last too many drops. 7) It's solid - yes the keyboard can slide out if you lift it just so or slide back in if you angle it just so but in real use I don't find any issues. Works very well for me. Build quality seems to be excellent and I'm not sure what some people are on about. No buyers remorse so far, particularly after yesterday's news of full root.
  8. Is this not it?: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=822908
  9. Hi Paul, can you clarify, in case I was to go overboard and delete something I shouldn't using your exploit. Would it still be possible to go back to factory default by flashing a standard ROM?
  10. Being able to remove stuff is good enough for me and with Paul's temp root / remove app thing I'm all set. I ordered the Z this morning and shipped this afternoon from Clove (Got the DHL tracking number just now).
  11. Mine just shipped from Clove - Should get here to Dubai on Saturday hopefully.
  12. It's supposed to be a more advanced processor than the current desire and may in fact beat it in benchmarks. Also there was a release of graphics benchmarks which shows it keeping up with the best. See: http://gadgetwidgets.com/t-mobile-g2-bench...alaxy-s-100169/
  13. This looks great though I'm curious as to how this compares to the Milestone 2 (Droid 2). Will need to decide between this and the Motorola for my next phone :lol: Any help in making the decision appreciated.
  14. Reposting my request from the other thread.. Could you re-enable the "Frequently Contacted" list under favourites on the stock dialer. It's missing on r8. Thanks.
  15. Hi Paul, If you ARE taking requests, could you re-enable the "Frequently Called" list under favourites on the stock dialer. It's missing on r8. Thanks.
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