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  1. Try the following: Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Market > Clear cache It often fixes weird download issues in the market.
  2. stealthcopter

    New MicroSD card

    I'm currently waiting for a 8Gb microSD card that I ordered to arrive. Once it arrives can I just make the partitions (ext2 and fat32) with fdisk or gparted and copy what's on the partitions of my old SD card and put it back into my phone without it complaining? or will I need to format the partition using recovery mode? Thanks in advance.
  3. stealthcopter

    App security

    It's the same as installing something on your computer, you should just be careful. Android shows what the application asks for access but it can't tell what it's going to do with this permission.
  4. stealthcopter

    Are you all using 16gb Micro SD card?

    Considering the price jump from 8Gb to 32Gb I decided to go with an 8Gb on for only £13.59 with two adapters (one to goes to normal SD so I can write to it using my laptop). Also it's made by kingston which are a good brand :) never failed on me yet. Kingston Secure Digital Micro 8GB Class 4 with 2 Adapters If you really want a 16Gb you could get it from dealextreme for $49.23 which is approx £30.07 but then you would have to wait about 1 and a half weeks for it to arrive from hong kong. So the one above from play might be better, but I've had trouble with PNY usb sticks before so I would be a bit weary of them. Genuine Kingston 16GB SDHC Micro SD/TF Memory Card (Class 2)
  5. Had some force close issues when I first tried it (upgrading from 1.2) but wiping it fixed that. Thanks for another brilliant rom, very fast :)
  6. stealthcopter

    Unlock your Pulse for $19.99 (~£14)

    Just unlocked my pulse with the discount code, works perfectly. Came to £12.61 (I think) and took less than 12 hours, brilliant service.

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