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  1. maninhas

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    I cant receive facebook notifications with this rom... why? With others i can...
  2. is there a locatation problem??? it allways says to me location server error..... and it display a different city that its not mine :wacko:
  3. could you do that ross?? please?? :blush:
  4. how do we change the clock to the rigth is there an option???
  5. Norma ROM ICS S4 style v0524 really love the look of this rom.... but cant seem to get wifi working and percentage on status bar doesnt macth with real battery percentage someone could help to fix those things please ??? :blush:
  6. in mine doesnt.... everytime i try to install an app that requires root it denies me... it says i dont have root....
  7. and again version 1.5 cant get root acess again... i give up..... :angry2:
  8. like this rom but when will the problems solved?? root? battery percentage??
  9. Installed 1.4 and thats a miss... doesnt have binary and we cant have root acess:blink::(
  10. Can someone post screenshots of brunos version and what modifícations where made !?? And what about battery life?
  11. tried s4 rom and my wifi doesnt work?? can someone tell me why??? we have to download 8812 lor 8818???
  12. Im on slim and when i flash it my notification bar disapeers:o
  13. maninhas

    Facebook Home

    Did that still doesnt work:(
  14. maninhas

    Facebook Home

    Can you explain step by step how to make it work please :-(

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