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  1. I was trying to use the usb tether as wi-fi key, using wi-fi tethering does not help here, anyway I do not think it is a problem with the rom or any roms, it is a problem with windows drivers for 8/8.1. The drivers shared here do not include acer_usb_ethernet_rndis.inf which is the driver for usb tethering, the one provided in the official package are for xp/vista/7, here on windows 8.1 it just makes the phone reboot, and since it works only linux, it is just a problem with absent windows 8 working drivers.
  2. actually it works fine on linux, on windows enabling it just makes the phone reboot, if this rom does not have usb teth working on windows, what rom has a kernel that works? froyo I guess? most of those roms have dead links tough arrgh
  3. I am trying to use my old liqud a1 as wifi usb key, but when i check usb tethering the phone just reboots, is it working for anyone?
  4. recovery tools does not support acer liquid, anyway flash_image works https://github.com/inferiorhumanorgans/android_device_lge_thunderc_common/wiki/Installing-Flash_image swapping the recovery img ofc
  5. can someone help me installing the recovery? Im on win8.1 what are working drivers?
  6. is it possible to install the recovery from the recovery itself on the phone?
  7. I had I had it to, I kept trying again eventually it worked, something to do with wipes maybe
  8. Guys what about HW accel on 720p playback?
  9. Does anybody know what happened to V3? :) Edit: oh just read a page before, maybe he can share the sources so that we can have a final version?
  10. Talking about the A1 (256mb ram): Considering the differencies between gb and froyo I really think the ram usage of gb roms despite tweaked is not worth the features it has to offer over froyo. Since cm9 really offers poor multitasking if not absent (and swap is never going to replace ram), and I would not even consider an option to look foward to a cm10, I think that looking backward to a cm6, with updated kernel with svs governors and all the stuff current gingerbread roms have is probably the best choice for liquid A1 users. All imho ofc What do you think?
  11. I think a froyo Rom with updated kernel would be the best
  12. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/357350-[CM7.2Final/Improved]-For-Liquid-A1/Liquid-E#entry2020024
  13. I am settled with lupohirp rom with the v6 supercharger and kak, sio scheduler brazilianwax governor and oc to 1152mhz and link2sd, the fastest usable setup i have found so far
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