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  1. uhm but i installed this cabs and all works fine 0 bugs PD: i use speedfrog 6.5 rom
  2. i want the htc keyboard but all the cabs i found in the forum haves bugs (camera button or volumen buttons, album bug) please somebody haves the htc keyboard without bug??? =( :rolleyes:
  3. cara seu omnia e o i900 omnia 1, as rom daqui sao para o i8000 omnia 2
  4. hey i have some question for the AIJH1 ROM: 1-the rom haves this htc keyboard?? :P i love it 2-this rom haves the HTC album?? please someone answer my question :D
  5. thanks speedfrog, only one thing can you fix the graphics problem in the sense?? (low quality image) like NRGZ28 did.
  6. woo looks greats, uhm after boot haves 91mb free ram?? & this rom what start menu haves'??
  7. Hey i have a problem with the new NFS Shift it won't work :lol: , it shows : Failed to star gl OK-Continue please somebody help me :)
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