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  1. how is 23145 vs 23144 in terms of RAM and Perf ...
  2. Can the pagepool be changed by external tweak or cab..(I am sorry I know less of WM so may be very silly question)
  3. Is the 23145 has the same perf and RAM tweaks as of 23144 plus 9MB pagepool? can we not apply all this RAM and Perf tweak to 23135 (by some tweaks or cabs)..
  4. Hi Daskalos, I have used this ROM(full ROM) for a week now.. here is my observation.. 1. The ring delay is not totally gone..I observed I got a missed call with "unknown" caller and there was no number also to call him back..this happens because the device couldn wake up till the caller hanged up(gave a very short miss call).. 2. The lock button sometimes doesnt wake up my device even if I press it 5-8 times.. 3. S2U2 didnt work sometime so couldnt unlock my device, had to softreset.. 4. Didn't experience very fast response out of this ROM, it was comparable to what I have been using till this time (build 23135) I used build 23135 before this and did not face any of the above issue.. In my opinion 23135 is more stable over 23144, the only advantage which I felt of 23144 is more RAM... Daskalos, can you provide some cabs to have the same amount of RAM on 23135 build and the performance tweaks as well.. Did anybody else also experience the same?
  5. Another great ROM.. I am going to test it this week..downloading... I hope this also doesnt have ring delay as of build 23135 Can WinMo 6.5.x be tweaked to display 24bit colors...65k on b7610 is not fully utilising the much capable screen and hardware.. If there is a tweak, I think Daskalos definitely would know it..any thoughts on it.. Thanks,
  6. Great work Daskalos !!! very snappy and stable so far.. few thing which I faced - S2U2 (tried 2.41 and 2.43) doesnt integrate well, experiened mix of both windows and s2u2 screen for incoming call. Also, sometimes my phone kept on vibrating even after call ended. had to soft-reset. without caller id of s2u2 it works fine. But I miss the S2U2 slide to answer option and the photo of caller feature. - I dont see the video call option enabled.(it appears in the menu but appears to be disabled) I am using the full version of this ROM. Thanks for the wonderful work.
  7. Two workarounds i could find are First 1. Set ur device not to get turn off (Alwasy turn on device) . you can see this setting in battery settings 2. Set cpu performance to auto(saves power) 3. Dont use device lock but s2u2 instead No call delays.. :P Second http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...es-in-call-log/
  8. Dear Igor, Great application you created !!! congrats This app is also solving a part of issue of 3 ring delays before phone actually wakes up to inform caller information see the below links for the issue http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...es-in-call-log/ http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...y/#entry1165707 I am using ur app, whenever there is a missed call or sms and ur app is showing the icon..i never faced the ring delay..i assume ur app is not letting sleep the device hence the device is responding instantaneously to the incoming calls.. but if there is no missed call or sms icon showing via ur app(obviously only when i dont get missed call or sms hence no icon shows on the blank screen), ur app some how is not preventing device to go in sleep mode which again result in 3 sec ring delay... can you please try some enhancement to this wonderful app to have an option which if checked, the app displays any small icon irrespective of the call or sms notification so that device doesnt go into sleep mode...this way your app would permanently solve the 3 sec delay..you can place a small icon to just indicate that app is active and running.. also, will this consume more battery if implemented.. Thanks,
  9. Dear Delvius, I have a frustating problem with my phone(B7610), please see if you can get a work around for that..i would be very thankful to you.. The problem is case1: when i just booted my device..after my device is sucessfully booted and the first call happens to be a short call(1-2 rings on callers end)..the number is not registered in call log..it says unknown number...but if it is a proper call it takes 3-4 sec my phone wakes up but yes the call log contains the number now.. case2:If my device is locked..and if there is a short call(as above)..again the number is lost and what i get is unknown number..but if it is a proper call again my phone takes 3-4 sec to wake up and let me know about the call.. Any help is appreciated.. Thanks
  10. I have observed one thing..whenever there is a short missed call and my phone is in locked state..it wakes up in 3-4 sec..if this call happens to be a missed call (only 1-2 rings heard on the caller's end), my phone doesnt recognize that number (even if it is present in my contacts) neither it shows which number i missed...so frustrating..any body else experienced this? any workaround? i tried many registry tweaks posted on internet, nothing helped..hard reset my phone..but problem still there.. [Work around which is actually working on my B7610 6.1] 1. I installed Status Led v0.4 on, and selected option of using no locl screen of my device http://www.modaco.com/content-page/301392/...d-v0-4/page/80/ 2. I always keep 1 message unread, so the the above program doesnt let my device go in sleep mode 3. I dont use the hardware buttong of device to lock my phone(which i believe is programed to make ur phone sleep even if you installed the status led app), i use S2U2 instead 4. So, now i get instant rings even if my phone is locked(using S2U2 only, if u use device button to lock device again the call delay) 6. Other findings about this workaround Keep you device on cpu auto mode (for high it consumes battery so quickly..ur battery juice will be finised in ~20hrs) I keep my backlight time of 10secs, and Turn off device setting to 2 mins..I get my device working for 1.5 - 2 days without charging and my routine usage Whenever i want to save battery i dont use S2U2 to lock my device but hardware button(obviously the call delay would be apparent now, on night when i go to bed i prefer this way) I know its not a perfect solution, but i am not a WM guy i used to have symbian so new to WM..i have searched alot for this issue but no one seems to have provide any concerete solution for omnia or WM6.1.. THERE ARE FEW POINTER TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, which i request the senior folks of this forum to have look into 1. the problem is more related to power management of the device, which puts of the call module of device when we press the hardware lock button below is a link for WM5 for effective power management to stop device go in sleep mode and operate on low power IT DOESNT WORK ON OMNIA PRO..I HAD TO HARD RESET MY DEVICE WHEN I INSTALLED IT..please see the powermanagement cab and same can be developed for omnia pro (techies please) 2. the Status Led program can be enhanced to work without keeping messages in unread state(see above point #!) and to operate in even low power consuming state 3. An app can be developed from scratch to keep device awake and on very low power consuption will solve our ring delay problem.. Guys please try to workaround and let me know.. Senior guys and techies please help us solve the problem
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