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  1. i would like to see exe menu running alone on my lovely Omnia II. by the way i think that a different lock screen from this one would be more than welcome. in the upcoming new rom the problem with wifi will be resolved? it would be awsome and you guys ARE the MASTER CHEFS of this kind of cookings.
  2. hello you guys and Merry Christmas. trying the ultra-lite of 10 Dec (6.5.3) for a few days now and even though over all it's great i have found a bug. After connecting to wifi for two or three minutes the phone just auto closes the wifi. someone has mentioned it in previous post. any solution? when are you going to release your new rom. will the 3 minute delay or ringing will be fixed. is there a way to preinstall sbp shell to any of your rom? my opinion is the fastest and more customable sense thanks :)
  3. hello guys, i am going to try the ultra lite version and i was wondering if the 3s delay ringing is fixed? i am currently using the previus release with samsung dialer installed and i have this delay. Overall the best rom i ever use so far and believe me i have tried almost a hundred. one point though i would like to ask.I am using spb shell and i was wondering if it can be cooked in one of your rom which may save us memory use. thanks MS Team :)
  4. i can confirm that it does work for me too. thanks everybody seams to be the more stable rom so far.
  5. i have set it to samsung dialer through dialer swither you supply but still the same issue. any idea? it has a three second delay in showing and ringing for an incoming call. furthemore it starts from low to high sound
  6. i have used the ultralite new rom today and i must say that is the most stable rom i ever use. i have seen a lot but this one can be the base for every ones personal rom. one issue though i have now is that i have a delay on ringing which is annoying and i can easy loss incoming calls. i have install phone canvas which is great but still the same delay with or without. any ideas?
  7. hello you guys are amazing!!!!!! i have my own question to make. you said about the bug for the dialer that we have to diasble the dialer and install a new one. can you tell where i can find a suitable dialer? sorry if this is stupid question but i search a little bit and i couldn't find a dialer to download.
  8. thanks i will try this promising rom and i will give my feedback the soonest. you guys are great
  9. i am trying to put the new rom but i need the latest eboot and csc. can you guide me to a link to download it? Pleaseeee thanks
  10. Hello, i have just istall it and the best rom ever. the only proble i have is that i can't find the cities of my country I am living in Cyprus and the cities that i am interesting is Nicosia, Paphos Paralimni. can you guide me how can i find those cities to add them in JML today. thanks edit: i have just found the way for Accu and Google. I still can 't find the ay to find the msn code. if anyond can advise me i will be much appreciate. does anyone have a clou of the battery drain? Another thanks for such a great people around like Sonblack and Contable that makes our lives interesting.
  11. hello? can anyone help me download this file? as i have seen it has the best battery drain. please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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