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  1. I stumbled across this on xda in Rodriguezstyle's post - someone asked about it and rodriguez commented on it that it's coming up.... but i've googled and can't find anything. anyone have any other information??? thanks =)
  2. anyone else use yelp and/or weatherbug elite?? keeps FC on me =/
  3. I know someone will probably get upset with me, but I tried searching *as best I could* =X but I was wondering where i could find a list... or just a couple different themes that are compatible with this ROM? :lol:
  4. probably the one included in this bake. here is a link however: Froyo Radio Image ( http://mirror.batteryboss.org/rod/r16/Step...adio_Update.zip
  5. it's called org.adwlauncher.apk i guess try this one? http://www.mediafire.com/?mmjbjmdzdzn ::EDIT:: Here's the apk straight from my phone =) ... just remove the .txt extension =X org.adw.launcher.apk.txt
  6. idk if you own or have ever used setCPU, but I would highly recommend it. Anyway, if you open up setCPU, go to system info (after setting CPU speed, and having it already loaded onto your phone) right off of the main menu, and at the top you will see "Short Bench," "long Bench," and "stress test." hope that helps =) *and i'm sure there are plenty other market apps; this one is just convenient for me to write about since it's included with setCPU*
  7. thank you sir, i did check out your other post, however it still will not work for me. the "manual update" was the first thing i tried actually... i think it's funny that it's called manual updating... since all you do is click a button in the same menu =) anyway, another thing is that Rodriguez addressed the issue and said it will be fixed in his next update... so you just got lucky! =)
  8. Paul I haz a question, a Goggle maps update came out several minutes ago, and my maps will not update. This is something that will be "fixed" with another release of your ROM right? maybe something to do with the "framework" or something...?
  9. hahahahah i'll apologize for him..... "sorry =X" lollll
  10. hahah no problem at all =) i just pulled the link from the description of this ROM =X but i won't tell anyone else lol
  11. here you go sir... hot off the press =P http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=682828
  12. is the "camcorder does not work" a new problem? (cuz i thought I remembered it working in the previous versions =X )
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