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  1. Daz555

    Roms original Android 1,5

    Can you ask the question again in English please?
  2. Daz555

    No SU permissions

    Make sure you follow the guides above from the stickies. They will step your through what you need to do to get a custom ROM working on your phone. FLB Mod is a good choice by the way.
  3. What ROM are running? Do you have app2sd? Where is your davlik cache etc?
  4. Daz555

    Sick of text problem - Which ROM should I move to?

    Once we got swap enabled in the kernel the SMS bug was gone. As above - go for FLB mod. Best ROM for the Pulse imo. You'll need to parition your SD card correctly in order for swap and a2sd to work correctly.
  5. Daz555

    Best Light and Fast apps

    For CPU overclocks etc I'd swap SetCPU for No-Frills CPU Control.
  6. Daz555

    does it have multitouch?

    How much is ZTE Blade in your region?
  7. Daz555

    19 Nov r14: VISIONary + one click root

    I suspect you have a newer software build which means Visionary will NOT work. Get over to XDA and check out the guides on how to downgrade your phone to an earlier build. Once downgraded you can root and get s-off & eng-off sorted as standard.
  8. Daz555

    does it have multitouch?

    As above. Plus, that is a lot of money for an old phone like the Pulse
  9. Daz555

    DHD Camera Auto-Focus Problem

    It is pretty dead in here for the DHD so I'd say XDA is still the best place for your issue. Having said that, my advice would be a full wipe (using the Full Wipe to EXT4 patch in Lee's thread) and start again. I am running 3.3.3 and have no such issues.
  10. Daz555

    Apps2SD and changing the card

    If you have a card reader handy, boot from a linux live distro and partition the new card correctly. Again, in linux copy the data for each partition from the old card to the new card. Pop the new sd card into your phone and switch it on.
  11. Daz555

    Android Market 3.0.27

    Yep. It's a slow data-hungry mess of an application. It even sucks on my DHD - I bet it brings the Pulse to its knees.
  12. Stock 1.5 and stock 2.1 are terrible on the Pulse and not a patch on many of the custom ROMs, which are far better in every measurable respect. See my sig for my personal preference.
  13. Daz555

    What the best ROM?

    Tried so many. I settled with the one in my sig. First class ROM.
  14. Daz555

    Android 2.3 rolling out on Desire! =(

    Those wanting some GB love on their Desire right now should head over XDA and check out LeeDroid's Desire HD port - Sense 3.0 addons, the lot. An early release but an absolutely first class bit of work from Lee.
  15. Daz555

    2.37 to 2.42 rooting / downgrading /sharing infos


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