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  1. Lollipop 5.0.2 is on OTA UPDATE NOW
  2. What can I do when an app updates and does not work I have had 2 eBay constantly asks me to sign in because my session has expired and MBNA app cannot connect where can I find older apps
  3. I received the ota update notification while i was away from wifi and tried to do it over 3g which failed and now the update is not available I even downloaded the motorola device manager but this also says that 4.4.2 is the latest firmware available. How can i get this update my wife has updated hers and the only difference between our moto g's is that I got mine from the O2 shop and hers was from phones4u on the O2 network
  4. mifran

    apk parse error

    I am trying to install a avira remote.apk but keep getting "there is a problem parsing the package" message is there any way round this problem this for the Ferguson ariva 102 mini hd settop box
  5. +1 to that I had just got a bigger sd card and formated it to apps2sd so i re-installed the the iplayer and flash and keep getting this message and I am on a de-oranginated orange rom. The play back is cr#p anyway the eurosport tveo app works flawlessly so the problem is with the BBC programmers
  6. I have de-orange my monte carlo just using Titanium back up no need to flash another rom
  7. I use a OMC and i have just followed the link2sd guide and now i have all the apps installed at once instead of having to remove some with titanium back to re-install another app firman
  8. I know it is 2 years old but everything works unlike most other roms Anyway i got over the problem by doing a nandroid restore and now it works mifran
  9. Dear Paul please help my wife has had this rom on her san francisco since you released it and now the market has stopped downloading anything not even the updates it just sticks on "starting download" but the download never actually starts Our relationship is suffering because she is a games addict and cannot get any games or even updates for any apps mifran
  10. call recording works fine on my rooted unlocked and de-orangeinated OMC i.e. standard orange rom with all the orange stuff removed with titanium back mifran
  11. the sales kid just said its the wrong model even though he was holding the phone in his hand and they look nothing like each other mifran
  12. I have done this but after updating to 3.03.2 the su binary reverts to v2.3.2-efgh every time i reboot thanks for trying to help mifran
  13. yes i did that but the next the phone is rebooted the old binary is loaded and the message comes up about the binary being out of date
  14. I went to an orange shop to see about a buy back deal for my unlocked monte carlo and when they put the imei number into their database it came back as a an orange miami but the sticker under battery and the *#06# and the the info about phone in the menu all have the same imei number so why is my monte carlo listed as a miami mifran
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