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  1. so far the fastest n smooth ROM for me..beautiful too..thnx Yon.
  2. Tested with all the ROMs available in this forum. Now finally luving the 23118 Ultra Lite version. Fast...very fast EXCEPT messaging super slow on this 23118 ROMs even after thread msg disabled. But small matter using SMS at Hand to replace that problem. Just want to say keep up & thank you for all your hard work and esp user supports.
  3. Tried V3c BONE...SUPERRRR... but 1 thing.. if i want to display Wireless Info & blutooth in Homescreen its ok.. but if i click it will show this : "The file 'setting_a' cannot be opened. eithe it is not signed with a trusted certificate or 1 of its components cannot be found etc etc " Looks like thw Wireless Manager not working.
  4. Master ock...manilla classic even after new flash. i still get that autosaved blank draft in inbox =( ...very weird. it will saved blank draft for every sms dat i want to reply or replied. Here is d screenshot.. look at the icon.
  5. I juz installed Garmin XT, Magicall, and some games..dats all.. very weird. when in reply mode, even i dun send out dat sms yet, it will generate a blank draft saved. Its ok, ill try to falsh wif manilla classic 23118 and c if anything changes.
  6. my ock 23118 premium is very stable at this time. but i got 1 annoying problem. Everythime i reply any sms, the phone will generate and saved a blank draft copy. this happens everytime i reply. example. i reply to this Person B 10 times. after reply, i check under draft...there will be 10 blank drafts. how can i get rid or disable this thing? ty.
  7. inside main menu there is a 'games' icon. After i installed a certain game...how can i move the icon back into "games"? Now too many games icon in the main menu and hard/long to scroll down all d way.
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