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  1. Hi, Master_T I've tried the update package but I've got an error (status 6). Any idea? Thanks, Rocco
  2. Yes Diljeet, I think I'll restore CM7.2 waiting for the new release.... Thank you very much for trying to help me...
  3. The values from the pre-installed LiquidParts App was (sensitivity 75 and noise 75)... now I changed to your values. It occurs all the times after some minutes. It begins with some taps lost and after a little the phone doesn't feel no tap anymore. Very very stange ... with CM7.2 my Liquid went like a charme...
  4. EDIT: I discovered that my phone don't freeze... all is ok, but after some time the screen don't accept taps anymore... don't goes touch to the screen!!!
  5. I had CM7.2 and now installed CM9 with linksys because a2sd don't go... my problem is that after some time my phone freeze... Someone can help me?
  6. Please show me the correct sequence fo the "Full wipe" process...
  7. I use FoxFi and successfully enable Wi-Fi hotspot... try it!
  8. Thanks youpi666, great work... very smooth ROM and very good battery drain!!! (2 days with one charge!) :D
  9. Me too.... this is a very good ROM!!! When an update???
  10. Hi all, I have this problems: 1- I can't receive phone calls... first ring is ok, from the second ring, who calls me ear the line occupied... then I receive the SMS telling someone called me. I called my telephone provider WIND without result. Someone have this problem too? 2- When I long press the home soft key, nothing happens... normally apps active are showed, it's true? Any ideas? Thanks Rocco
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