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  1. I just read an interesting article: http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/07/15/wh...-while-driving/ Hope someone ports this app to the nexus1 soon
  2. I flashed this yesterday and have way better reception. I have 3g access in places i did not before. battery life is noticeably better as well. Love it. -------------------------------------- T-Mobile Nexus One [ROM] FRF91 Blackbar V3 by Geo411m [Kernel] 2.6.34_AVS-925mV_CFS_1113Mhz_070110 [Mods] Swype, LauncherPro 0.6.5, Busybox, Battery %, TB alert/wake/unlock, TB Alert Pro, 800x480 video recording [Recovery] RA-nexus-v1.7.0.1 cyan [Radio] [build] FRF91
  3. This is interesting, can't wait for stable release: http://androidspin.com/2010/07/12/fm-radio...g-on-nexus-one/
  4. thanks for the info kyle, you were right
  5. i did this, went to "Wifi information" then "wifi status", and there it said "Link Speed: 72Mbps" so looks like it is enabled. i'm running frf91 rom from Geo411m over at xda: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=714184
  6. thanks for the info, but it doesn't tell me if the feature is enabled in the nexus one or not. Or does it not need to be enabled in the first place?
  7. what if i have busybox 1.16.2 installed, will it override it to your version?
  8. did you update the notification icons as well?: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=653043
  9. Has the wifi n feature been implemented in any of the roms (such as r19/20/21 or cyanogen) since Google released the source code for 2.2? Some are saying that it is already active for them. Anyone have info on this?
  10. it is not working, i wiped everything, downloaded r20 rom with additions +aps2sd, re-flashed rom, and it still doesn't work. was working fine on r19
  11. ok will try lowering the speed in metamorph. can i keep re-trying if it fails, or do i have to reinstall my rom every time?
  12. Doesn't work on r20. i did everything in the checklist and still not working. when i apply the first file "FroyoDesireStatusbar" it just hangs at the last file, "framework-res.apk" and keeps saying "please wait" waited over 10 minutes, nothing
  13. Thanks for the info...i just flashed r20, about to reinstall the 3 links again to see if it happens again. If it does, not a problem, i can live with black on black text
  14. if you are willing to wait, it is rumored that T-mobile is getting a dual-core htc handset running gingerbread version of android
  15. Thanks again for this. I installed all three links and it works great (on R19). The only problem is when i get an sms, the preview text in the status bar is black so i can't read it, can you fix this?
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