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  1. More unbelievable that it can't edit Drive documents, only MS Office documents that have been uploaded to Drive.
  2. *waits patiently for RSS to work* I still have my subscription to MoDaCo WinMo week set up :)
  3. While I haven't used the S4, the S3 used to disable the shutter sound if you put the phone in silent mode. Is that no longer possible? The alternative was to root the phone and remove the sound effect, but that's not officially supported of course.
  4. My issue is similar -- arm-band wearability. I'm not sure if my upper arm is big enough to hold a Note 2 (yeah, maybe I should go to the gym more!) and I don't want to have to use 2 separate devices.
  5. Proprietary connector could well be because micro USB would take so long to charge. Also, I'm surprised this would be Tegra 3 -- I'd expect an Exynos 5.
  6. 1) I really hope that this is a free update to existing SwiftKey 3 users. I think that SwiftKey have offered free updates through all their versions so far and I only bought 3 recently. 2) I saw Paul say that he doesn't like Swype on Twitter. I don't mind Swype, but I found it worked better than most other keyboards when using the phone in an armband (tested with HTC Desire). Because it doesn't seem to require good accuracy, it seemed to be easier to use than SwiftKey in this situation. I haven't had such a problem with my S3 in an armband, possibly because it's bigger.
  7. Low spec isn't great, but when I was in Seoul earlier this year, I saw a lot of pink Galaxy Notes in use. I haven't really seen that in the West though, where girls also don't tend to have huge phone charms and large silicone ears etc. on their phone cases (the large bunny ears were particularly prevalent on iPhones).
  8. @Karucifer : I posted that it was a well known issue at the time that the displays were failing very quickly.
  9. Didn't you read my comments on that November post? I returned mine when it was delivered without even opening it, as I'd read about the displays failing within 12 months. Well done on getting your refunds though -- I would have kept it if I'd known I could have had a few months of fun first before getting a full refund!
  10. Returned. Couldn't face getting attached to it, then it dying with no replacements around :)
  11. Just picked mine up. Haven't opened the box yet. To keep or not to keep. Are there any reasonable alternatives with long lasting displays? I love the idea of these watches. OpenWatch doesn't say what the issues are with the LM series (if there are any) as far as I can see, although they're not as good looking as the MBW watches anyway.
  12. From what I've heard, the issue with these is that the non-repairable display is likely to be dead within 12 months. Shame, as I've ordered one :( Tempted to return it before opening...
  13. argh


    That's not free, though. I don't really see the point of paying for a converter application unless it has a unique selling point. Personally, I use ConvertPad which works well, although I haven't compared many other similar products to judge.
  14. Not sure I need this now Sense is doing the snow effect whenever I unlock anyway :P
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