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  1. i can not download lite ROM :D "the server this file is on is currently undergoing maintenance, try again in few hours HTTP/1.x 503 Service Unavailable"
  2. can i run this 'PPC-SHIFTPDA 29007 WP7&DROIDS-NLD (25.Jan).rar ' on my omnia i8000 8GB?
  3. the UI is working fine, but i don't speak korean a lot :P WWE would be great in the future!
  4. u have a fix for the time in 24h - not AM and PM :lol: thx tukes
  5. after shutting down tmail, i can copy all files but when i open my textmessages, my omnia 2 keeps overwriting the iframe_style.css and so i keep on using my oldschool omnia 2 layout... what to do?? thanx tukes
  6. can you send new links? i don't see any download links... :s
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