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  1. Soo, after 5 months of being really happy with my new phone (Galaxy SII) I've come back to see what has happened to android development for my old baby Omnia 2, and after trying this new 'Rom' out I have to say: The work that's been done is absolutely impressive! The Phone is more responsive than with any WinMo rom, Wi-Fi is blazingly fast and i love how basically everything works. I just want to congratulate the team for their amazing work over the past years. You have made this phone what it should have been from start - a modern Smartphone with a fluid OS and all the great apps available. And while I wasn't patient enough and went on to buy a GS2, I would definitely consider this sufficient for daily use, and it's on par with all those 'cheap' Android phones released in the past year. You guys are amazing, can't wait to see some updates if you still find motivation to keep developing ;-)
  2. yes, and it doesn´t go away until a clean install :-S how can we find out what´s causing it?
  3. :-) Finally, someone who also experiences this. The sleep mode still has a lot of bugs imo. After the installation and 1, maybe 2 reboots, everything works well, but it seems after some time the sleep mode gets..."corrupted". On my phone, i now have SOD as soon as it goes into sleep mode. However, the battery is still draining too...
  4. okay...thanks...I´ll try another clean install, let's see if it helps
  5. Do you use Launcher Pro or ADW? Maybe it has something to do with Launcher Pro...it´s the only App I´ve installed actually...
  6. :-( Installed it twice already (clean install, normal SD card installation), and after the third or fourth reboot, the device doesn´t wake up anymore after going to sleep. Am I the only one who experiences this behavior?
  7. just use the new drivers posted some 5 pages ago :-) it worked for me, after encountering exactly your behavior. Here are my experiences after 24 hours: - Market works great after some time - Had one freeze during the night, don´t know what caused it. - Battery life seems a little worse than in beta 2 - or is it just my feeling? - Actual performance is a little worse than in beta 2, but nowhere near as laggy as WinMo. Maybe this is caused by low RAM? - Very stable, hardly any program crashes, games improved! In other words: Great Beta, huge thanks to the devs!
  8. well, what a great and extremely stable beta :) thanks to the devs, I love it so far! Just one question: Is it just my feeling or is the new Froyo slightly laggier than 2.1? i don´t mean Winmo-laggy, but just slightly less responsive than 2.1, e.g. in the contact list?
  9. yeah, and with all the bugfixes and improvements in the past few weeks we'll have a very good beta 3 if/when it's released :D
  10. i think we could sort out most of these issues with a new beta package :(
  11. the last 20-50 pages of this thread just make me smile. Instead of helping (and waiting for) the great developers to fix the remaining issues, people try the strangest stuff to make their beta work better. They put in different file systems, kernels, installation methods, SD cards and so on... Now don´t get me wrong, I think it´s cool that everyone tries to find ways to make android more stable. But I get the feeling that this is not really helping the development at all. In my opinion it would be better to just use the official method of installing and maybe the my storage-installation, and to just report the errors that occur. If e.g. the file system gets corrupted, there´s probably a reason for it and the developers surely want to find out about it. So just install it again and see if/how you can reproduce this error from a clean install, then report it. That helps more - in my opinion - than chaning the filesystem, adding an entirely different kernel etc. Because if you do the latter, you will most likely run into problems that users of the normal installation don´t have, and the developers have look for errors that shouldn´t even be there. So just have a little patience, the devs know what they´re doing, and don´t experiment around too much, cause I´m pretty sure that´s not too helpful
  12. the value can get higher than 81, but never lower than 81db.
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