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  1. vipermo

    HTC One: De-sensing

    Paul O'brien thank you so much for the Gallery app been looking for something to show all my Picasa albums. That did it you are the man.
  2. vipermo

    T mobile (UK) hacks it's data allowance!

    Guys any of u had a look here http://giffgaff.com/ very good service runs off o2 network there Ultd web really is what it says been with them since sept really good
  3. vipermo

    MCR r5 archive

    Thanks sounds good to me
  4. vipermo

    MCR r5 archive

    Hi just download the rom before i flash it how much space (MB) is left after flash just a rough ideal please Thanks
  5. vipermo

    MCR r21 Archive

    same here
  6. vipermo

    MCR r22.1 archive

    is there a way to get 3d gallery on this rom? ==---Never mind got it now thanks---==
  7. can seeing this being handy
  8. I use a app called dialer one just for that
  9. vipermo

    MCR r22.1 archive

    Great thank you GodDriven
  10. vipermo

    MCR r22.1 archive

    did u flash ur phone or install the roms over the top of each other?
  11. vipermo

    MCR r22.1 archive

    thanks alot mate
  12. vipermo

    MCR r22.1 archive

    Guys do any of u have a download link for Alpha r19 im reading that has better battery life than the 20 and 21
  13. vipermo

    Which ROM has the best battery period?

    For me its Alpha r20 - MoDaCo Custom ROM Desire Port this rom is great or me r21 was not as good for battery life i dont know why wish i did
  14. vipermo


    pMessenger on nexus is anyone getting message notification ? im not getting anything.
  15. vipermo

    MCR r22.1 archive

    Love this rom great job only thing i miss is Picasa sync is there anyway for me too add that ? many thanks

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