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  1. SOLVED - Can be deleted. Phone started working fine after updating a few apps. I don't know which app was causing the problem but these are the apps that were updated. My guess is Widgetsoid2.x was the suspect. - doubleTwist Player - ES File Explorer - Widgetsoid2.x
  2. It's started to get on my tits now so I thought I'd give posting something on here a try. I've had the rom installed ever since the downgrade from 1.72 was possible and yesterday the phone started switching off randomly. It happened while I was on the fone just now and I noticed that the call ends first (with a beep) then a few seconds later it turns off. It happens while its in my pocket or scrolling a menu or just after unlocking the screen bla bla. However during last night it hadn't turned off because the phone has been on when I wake up. I know I should probably get around to maybe clean installing it again but I was hoping someone knows of anything specific like a certain process or whatever that's causing this. Oh and I have tried fixing permissions a few times now. ;) Peace
  3. That last line in that announcement "If you want to download, stream and watch video clips, save that stuff for your home broadband." is like the biggest middle finger from a network provider. Can more people post their experiences over the phone to T-Mobile regarding this? I am livid atm. Swear words only come to mind ¬_¬
  4. I basically need to acheive S-OFF my Desire HD was updated with the recent OTA update too sadly :( ;) ;). Am I right in thinking that using this to get permaroot, to then be able to flash the Clockworkmod recovery and then install the lovely Modaco rom, is the only method? (Hope I worded that right)
  5. Called them up more agressively this time. Mentioned the pre-order stuff and how some reps say no stock at all while some say we had some. There's no pre-order system, just a personal list of each Tmob rep. If they're around and theres stock, they'll get back to you, basically. I'm angry, I called them 4 times yesterday. Roar. I wanted a new phone during the half-term. Sniff.
  6. Called T-Mobile up, still telling me to wait another week. So these reports of people actually receiving the Desire HD from T-Mobile are balls atm. ¬___¬
  7. Was that today? Thanks, I hope that's the case. T-Mobile customer services never give out the same info lol.
  8. No idea if it's actual in stock etc but it's up there, price plans and all. Got back from college, checked the site, jumped for joy and now not sure if I should rush for it:( EDIIIIITT!!! Hey everyone, bad news :) Just called up T-mobile. Just like with Vodafone it's being delayed until the end of October and this affects all UK networks. They put it up yesterday because they were expecting stock to be in today or tomorrow. So it's going to be taken off the website soon. Damn it :'( I'm quite gutted but we're almost half-way through October I guess...
  9. Has anyone ordered from there? The deals don't look bad at all, appealing to a student like me ;). But how can they have those price plans up when T-Mobile hasn't themselves? If anyone orders from them, do make a new post regarding your experience with the site and when the phone got to you etc. :)
  10. I 2nd that. A £30/£35 contract for 18 months and pay a fair amount for the phone. The wait is killing me...
  11. http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/coming-soon/htc-desire-hd/ Just thought I'd put it out there for anyone interested. Fingers crossed for decent price plans?
  12. I hope a contract for £30-35 for the Desire HD doesn't have a stupid price tag for the phone.
  13. *Sorry, if this post is against the forum rules or it is in the wrong place* My micro usb port had completely come off. I went about fixing it and I did successfully. However, when I went to use the touchscreen it did not work. I did all things to do with software i.e factory reset, reinstalling the rom, going back to official roms but no luck. I opened up the phone again to notice a ribbon cable was partly ripped! I am devasted! :'( It's the summer holidays for me so I am constantly texting my friends and now I can't. I suppose this is what I get for opening up the phone but T-mobile would not have fixed it (grr them) SO! This little ribbon cable is attached to the main motherboard by just a plug. And this ribbon cable is fixed to a little circuit board that is permanently on the front case right next to the speaker WHICH I ASSUME is something to do with touch functionality... So I was wondering if anyone had this as spares for me to have? I'd really appreciate it and I have paypal if you would like some ££ for it. Angelo.
  14. A 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4: BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE EEP. ...err Yeah, how can you have a customer service/technical support when the customer is more likely to know MORE!?
  15. Hey guys, So to use this I must first install the OFFICIAL Hungarian 2.1 Rom then install CRI then flash this baby? 2nd question, if encounter a problem with this work-in-progress rom I would NOT be able to go back to MCR 1.7 because of this partition table difference? Please help me out :( P.S GO PAUL!
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