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  1. @Passoa A batch based tool is so much better than using a visual shell which hides all of the inner workings. And really, if you look under the covers, they are just taking the parameters and pumping out shell commands to the same or similar tools. Having every step exposed and under direct control means a better understanding of the process. It is also much easier to troubleshoot than a visual shell that might only tell the user that something went wrong but hides the output of the real command that did the work. Still working out the modifications to the batch files, but just bought you a coffee anyways :( BTW, are there new versions of the tools? If so an update to the archive would be greatly appreciated. pdaclan.com is incomprehensible to me.
  2. Hi, I am looking for help to access a Samsung Epix i907 with QPST. The environment is: QPST builds 323/343 Windows 2000 stock Samsung USB drivers stock Samsung USB cable (APCBS10BBE) from Blackjack II generic aftermarket USB cable no Activesync Samsung/ATT Epix i907 The result is: Samsung Modem shows up on connection Samsung Diagnostic Serial port shows up ports are selectable in QPST configuration manager but, of course no phone is recognised What has been tried before connecting: remove sim remove microsd run testmode.exe run dmsessioninit.exe use debug menu to enter test mode ##DEBUG# **DEBUG# Any hints would be appreciated.
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