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  1. That is the only thing that pisses me off about the Vibrant, its 2010 all phone MUST have a flash like come on it cost 50 cents they sell the phone for 500 CAD, they could easily sell for 505 or even 510 and people will still buy it. The freezing was just the most recent kydkylin sence ROM i had the one from 13/08/2010, i really loved showangles personal ROM was actually the best and still the least amount of freezing and most RAM. Well i shouldn't say freezing but lack of RAM with s2p, sence and opera mini, wlm and messenger all running at some point in the day, i found near the end i was forced to restart the phone due to poor memory management by winmo or i was just able to have 2 to 3 apps open and with a restart 4-5. Personally i never used the phone for gaming, although resco snake and bubble where lot of fun. I love tweaking the hell out of it and the screen was just amazing and the video quality was so great. The phone is still one of the best in my books and if almar get android on it i will regret trading, but by the look of things when he dose i will already have the vibrant. I'm finding the closed BB OS as a real bummer, the phone is utterly useless with out a data plan. On the O2 just install garmin and the maps and you are good BB you need data. O2 use wlm over wifi BB you need data. The lack of internal memory also bugs me, going from 16GB to 2GB is a real bummer as well. But i always had data to begin with so no real bummer there, i loved tweaking the omnia but found it took to much time and alot of reflashing on my part coz i like thinks in a certain way. I dunno i feel as if it was a fair trade, i will surely miss the 3.7 AMOLED touch Screen and 16GB memory. But i also love how everything just works on the BB without tweaking or anything and you can still do a lot of the things the omnia can if you have data, which i do. Yes i can't touch the screen, but my main thing for a phone is just sms,wlm,gps and music which the BB dose a better job at least i think so. The biggest flaw in the BB which i though was not there is lag, i find sometimes the phone lags when you start doing more things. Same case with the omnia, i do see the difference in performance, the O2 is blazing fast compaired to the BB hardware yet its a winmo which is a let down and main reason for the trade.
  2. What do you guys think of my trade, this will be my last post here until i get my samsung vibrant in January. I think it was a good trade the O2 was an amazing phone but the main flaw was lack of RAM, even with a lite sence ROM. Yeah i coulda just used tw2 lite ROM's but sence is so much better and worth the 20-30MB of RAM.
  3. As the title says, there are a few ROMS out there that just connect to Data and there are no pop up boxes with cancel or hide or anything it just connects, the current ROM i have whenever i unlock it it connects to my data which is fine because i like weather updates every hour but the dam pop up is very annoying. Dose anyone know how to disable it but still have it connect to data to update my weather just like in shadowangles ROMS?
  4. i don't want to disable my data because i have it setup in weather tab to update every hour. My problem is that it dose not update every hour and the only way to get it to update is to go to the weather tab and then it connects to my data and shows a stupid pop up box which is my second problem i don't want to sdee that pop up box i just want it to connect to data and update every hour like it used to in shadowangles ROM.
  5. hey shadow how did you disable the data pop up? like whenever you connect to data i get a popup i want to disable that. i been trying to figure that out for so long on my current ROM, and if you have any HTC dilaer cabs it would be a great addition to add to my ROM.
  6. hey shadow how did you disable the data pop up? like whenever you connect to data i get a popup i want to disable that. i been trying to figure that out for so long on my current ROM, and if you have any HTC dilaer cabs it would be a great addition to add to my ROM.
  7. dose the name really matter? if the was not called the O2 or the cube would it really matter?
  8. dam it i just installed JG4 yesterday should have waited. I didn't like JG4 due to the low RAM s2p kept closing even with the auto close patch and could not keep more then 2 apps open. It was either s2p and opera mini or s2p and htc messaging. That was the biggest flaw in JG4, hopefully thats fixed with the lower pagepool size and even then the RAM would be down to 12MB and currently with no apps open i have 25MB of RAM. Another minor annoyance is how can i disable the data pop up box, in shadow angles ROM it would just connect with out issue in you ROM i notice it only connects to data when i go to the weather tab and even then has an ugly connecting popup and i would just like that gone.
  9. Just installed this ROM it's actually very fast, just wondeing if you can upload the most recent and functioning HTC dialer, i installed the JE1 samsung dialer for the time being but HTC is so much better
  10. Just tried every single shadow ROM and i'm back to JE3. Its prefect, little slower then the current versions yes but at least everything functions on it and you got the HTC dialer and keyboard etc and no dialer bug or anything
  11. I know it has been posted here before, but i can't seem to mind them. I need the ones that do not require you to press F8 on boot and and disable the signature check. I need the drivers for flash with octans
  12. first problem i encountered with the beta version. |If you have heavy apps open such as opera 10 and s2p. Not only dose the phone lag at times and closes s2p randomly even with chainfire auto close fix (which happens with most sense ROM's), it messes up the dialer keypad. This is again because of low RAM in the beta and the fact it drops to 15MB or so with just those 2 apps open and nothing else and poor winmo management. What happens is when you press the phone button you see the contacts and are able to select and scroll threw them and make calls it just you do not see the htc dialer keypad so you cannot dial any numbers and dose not fix even after closing all apps and forced to soft reset. I think i will have to go back to 6.5.5 personal, it was a bit slower but at least everything worked or at least until a better version comes out.
  13. shadow the clock files you added don't do anything, when i copied them to the windows folder it did not ask to over write or anything do you think they are in a different location with 6.5? because coping them to the windows folder had no effect
  14. i kida like the htc dialer and the way it intergrates with the default winmo, i also like samsung and phonebook but it was not so good at the intregation. I agree have either both and let us decide or have default wm and cabs.
  15. i flashed back to 6.5.5 i dunno i did not like it that much seemed slower. But the dialer was allot better and loved having the samsng keypad back. Can't you just create a new 6.5.3 ROM in stead of using the 6.5 kernal? like i said i been using 6.5.5 and did not have any issues with white squares and even if i did they where very rare. main issue right now was the alarm and i need it for work so for now i'm gonna stick with 6.5.5 and will flash again this weekend to try it out once again. tried coping the 3 files with sktools and it didn't do a thing. I'm sure i doing it wrong what app show i use to copy the files over? BTW with 6.5.3 beta i had no problems with the dialer you where having all buttons and contacts worked fine. The only issue i had was i was not able to save my contact to the sim card which is the case with the old 6.5.5 as well. Overall everthing was good i dunno i just did not like it that much compared to 6.5.5
  16. no i know its a windows thing, not blaming you i just forgot that it changed with 6.5.3. also even if i select a time like 5 minutes and i wait 5 minutes it just dose not ring and the fact it dose the repeat it just rings once and stops. That will never wake me up. Will try the clock fix and report back.
  17. seems fine to me i find it a bit slower then 6.5.5 but it works fine. The dialer has no errors or bugs all numbers and contacts work. It just i cannot save contact to the sim card?? is there a fix? The other thing i did not like was the alarm with 6.5.5 if you press the snoose button it would snoose for 5 minutes with this version you first have to hit the snoose button then pick a time which i don't like because i use it to wake up in the morning and would rather not hit extra buttons and by mistake hit 1 day and get very very late.
  18. still downloading, i hope the dialer bug is not to big of an issue. I still have not seen any white squares on your 6.5.5 version, well i'm lieing i did not only 1 or twice since i flashed it. what is the archive password?
  19. seems to be up downloading now, can i ask what has changed from your first 6.5.5 it it just the same as 6.5 RC3 but with just 6.5.x? edit never mind forgot you already post the changes on page 49
  20. But then how dose you htc dialer function in your first personal 6.5.5 ROM? which im still using and waiting for another 6.5.x, why not just use that in stead? i mean this is not a huge deal but of cource hopefully you can fix it very soon!!! and are you ssure its the dialer or just the ROM itself? Also did you menchion you have confrence calling and video calling working with the htc dialer or was it when you went back to samsung?
  21. man you should get together with shadowangle and both make one ROM. He has already done an amazing job and with your s3tool i can see it being the best sense ROM ever. This way the end user (me) will get best of both worlds.
  22. although a nice idea, i don't see this taking of any where in the near future since it is a VM you will need extra RAM and CPU power. I don't think you will ever see this on the O2 with winmo poor ram management and only having 256MB but only around 100MB available if your using a lite ROM.
  23. yeah thats what i do each time i flash nothing different then entering those numbers, it not really a big deal when it comes to flashing the phone like i said in my other post. Reason to hard reset before flash so it cleans the nvram and recreates it in case you had some issues before and so its clean for a flash. After flashing the nvram gets rebuilt again but there might be left over stuff from the previous ROM which is why a another hard reset is needed so it creates a fresh new one(might not be need actually but cant hurt can it?). Now there is another step which is to take out the battery and hold the power button so it drains the motherboard of all electricity thus power cycling (you have no idea how many laptops that refused to boot i have saved with this method alone) the phone and this should be done right after the phone was flashed before the last hard reset. I myself do not do this step as i have never had an issue but might be worth it for someone else. The only time i power cycle is when the phone freezes and i'm forced to yank the battery. No one told me about these steps for phone purposes, its just a rule of thumb i have been using in my 10 plus years as a IT guy, weather its a router upgrade or computer bios upgrade etc never once failed me.
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