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  1. You guys need to root your Hero's first and then flash the ROM's you have downloaded Go Here :- http://rootmydroid.co.uk/guides/howto-simp...l-a-custom-rom/
  2. Rock Player Universal, It plays everything even Divx
  3. Thanks for the Info, I have been using it since morning and it's very smooth and stable even without OC
  4. Dude I wanna ask you one thing can we use it as a daily ROM ? I only flashed it for like an hour or so, So i'm not sure whether I can use it as my daily ROM.
  5. You can also try Cronos Froyo v1.1.1, It's quiet smooth and stable, Actually I'm not a regular user of Cronos Froyo but I tried it and it was good But somehow I still prefer 2.1 ROM's rather than going for 2.2, You can give that a try :P
  6. The ones I have tried so far the best and stablest ROM is Legendroid v1.0.1, But why don't you try some other 2.1 ROM's like Chocolate Eclair or Cronos Droid.
  7. Dr. dre

    Flash on G2?

    I don't know about this but you have flash player 10.1 setup to install on 2.1 a ROM
  8. That's probably a problem with Android Market not with your phone because I face the same problem, But if you keep the Market open(The Download Tab) while you are downloading the app it will show you that it is installed, Just give it a try
  9. It isn't a Software problem, But still you can try flashing some other ROM, But it's definitely a Hardware problem
  10. Dr. dre

    Oh Oh, Trouble

    Here you go :- http://theunlockr.com/2009/08/27/how-to-ro...o-in-one-click/ But I would suggest you to download the Amon Ra recovery image rather that downloading the old one from the previous link For the latest recovery image :- http://files.androidspin.com/downloads.php...ro-v1.7.0.1.img
  11. Dr. dre

    Oh Oh, Trouble

    This is the official Stock ROM version 2.73.405.5, the factory reset you did wiped all the apps and data of the phone, But the good thing is that you can just use the 'flashrec method' of rooting the device and flash the latest Amon Ra recovery image and after that you will be able to flash the MCR 4.0
  12. Dr. dre

    Oh Oh, Trouble

    Are you sure you running MCR 2.8 on your wife's phone because the recovery image you are talking about is the Android recovery image and not a Custom recovery image, which means that your device isn't rooted yet.
  13. You can also use these commands :- adb push recovery-RA-Hero-vx.x.x.x.img /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-vx.x.x.x.img adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-hero-vx.x.x.x.img
  14. But you can get it from :- http://www.cronosproject.org/forum/viewtop...387cb9b83b52b8f
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