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  1. A lot of people have this problem. A lot of people have it during/after a call or while using GPS. Could heat be the problem here ? Just guessing....
  2. Hi, I'm have had my Blade for 6 months now, and I'm very happy with it. The last month however, I noticed that my phone sometimes requested my PIN code when I took it from my pocket. So, this means it reboots sometimes for no reason at all... ( I'm sure it reboots, cause I witnessed it once or twice ). Does anyone else also has this problem ? And more importantly, can someone explain me ( or point me to the right page ) how I can get my logs from my phone, so I can try to find out what went wrong ? ( I'm running FLB-Froyo R11 ) Thanks in advance !
  3. Hi, Everybody tells that the battery life on the most recent Nightlies the battery life is fixed. Do they mean fixed as in : As good as the other ROMS, or Fixed as in Not completely rubish as it used to be ? This is the last dealbreaker for me... On the Modaca 2.2 Rom I can get 2 days of battery life, and that's waht I expect from al my future ROMS...
  4. Does anyone knows why its laggy ? It works fine on the T-mobile pulse, and the blade should be a better device...
  5. Hi, Im considering buying ADW EX. There is only one condition : Does the horizontal App Drawer let you organise your apps the way you want ? Or are they organised automatically (by organizing them alphabetically or by auto filling the pages). I really love the freedom you get with the Touchwiz App Drawer and with the iPhone.
  6. Too excited... Most .... keep ... breathing ....
  7. I'm very excited about this development. Having MIUI on the blade, would make it the even more awesome. Thanx for trying fonix232 !
  8. I pay 5€ to the person (or team) that gets a MIUI ROM stable working on the blade with all the basic functionality. If enough people chip in, we might get a real incentive for someone to get this working...
  9. Little question : From the opening post : This is in alpha status because it is yet to undergo the usual MCR performance / size optimisations From the same post : Rebuilt using the MoDaCo MCR optimisation scripts From the third post : alpha2 * Completely rebuilt with the MCR optimisation scripts My question is very simple : is this still alpha for a reason or not ?
  10. How do you discover this stuff ? Do you know where to find the source code or do you decompile the .apk ?
  11. Might seem like a stupid question, but does the Touchwiz launcher runs fluently on this ROM ? It does not on the other ROMS I tried, altough it can run fluently on a Pulse...
  12. Actually the launcher itself is quite responsive, but the fade effect from app drawer to home screen is a bit laggy. Is the source code available, so I sould try to disable this effect.
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