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  1. check Your macadress. Is it still FFFFFF...?
  2. You have to follow this steps ( 1. type: *#1546792*# 2. choose "Internal" 3. Type as pwd: *#0807# 4. choose WiFi MAC address (whatever You want, it maybe the same one You have in other mobile but it will be impossible to use them together in the same moment to connect to WiFI) 5. type pwd: 1234 6. Set MacAdress 7. Execute It works. Of course You do it on Your own risk.
  3. I will love to have a new 6.5.5 build with working Samsung SDK and Sense such like this one. But I prefere 6.5.5 because of threaded e-mail... Is it possible Daskalos?
  4. Am I the only one person who uses Samsung SDK and has troubles with this rom?
  5. Yes I know. I've got as well a 2.1 and 2.2 std which is dedicated for b7610 and was working perfect in all other roms (for example 23549). But in this rom I can't install any Samsung SDK. Every version makes my device completely unusable. If I don't install SDK I won't have autorotation and many other abilities...
  6. So what I ask is which SDK is compatible with this build?
  7. Hi Daskalos. I was tryin' Your 23568 megalite as well as full version but unfortunately both versions are making troubles with any versions of Samsung SDK (no matter if it's 2.1/2.2 std or pro). After the installation the device freezes completely always when the screen turns off. Can You do anything with that? I can't say anything about the rom becauses it freezes every time. Please help...
  8. I fully agree with above. Don't care about those who are not satisfied. You do ur best and You are really good in what You do... Regards... :P
  9. Thx!!! Yes, finally I used yours link (above) cause pda corner ver was without working ppt.exe. Now I've got word, excel and power point 2007. What about office 2010? Can anybody upload cab from 6.5.5?
  10. Hi. Answering to requests of many MegaLite rom users I put the link to the Office Mobile 2007 Cab working (pda corner version). The only problem for me is that ppt.exe is not working. Can anybody upload ppt.exe from office mobile 2007 working on his device. Or maybe full package of office 2007/2010 working of course ;) http://www.4shared.com/file/55837778/39d36...rified=10fcd677
  11. Today I tried to run my office 2010 beta as usually I do (I have beta ver from attached cabs) and it was shown a message that I need to uninstall beta version, then install Office Mobile 2010 from Windows Marketplace for Mobile.. Can anyone help me how to get working office on this rom. It even doesn't have to be 2010. Any working version (2010/2007) will be fine... Waiting 4 Your help guys..
  12. How do You fixed the Light Sensor Bug? :P Do You recommend this solution 4 me (B7610)?
  13. I'll give examples (gchris uses about 5,5 mb more ram then resco today plugin). After reboot I have about 91 mb with RT plugin (Resco Screen capture used about 3mb)...:) Just take a look at screenshots...
  14. Yes gchris 1.3.1 it's working only in vertical mode not horizontal :) Samsung Today is not present in this rom (Daskalos Megalite 6.5.5). The fastest (less mem using shell is Resco Today but it's commercial). I have 91+ mb ram after reboot with Resco Today plugin customized with whole screen in icons. After reboot with gchris I have about 85 mb and I think it's leaking a little bit faster, maybe because of active weather plugin... But gchris is very good looking especially with elegant grey/steel theme.. and also easy to customize.
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