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  1. Hi Rapid ... nice rom , anyway i have one problem because there is not any Input settings ( normaly it is in > menu > settings > personal > input)..and because i am using swype i need to get into this menu ...and change some settings. What should i do ? :)
  2. does not work :/ anyway thx ... :unsure: all other works fine ... :) so i will use my old 8gb card ... :P
  3. So it's MICRO SDHC (surprisingly) 16GB Kingston Class 4
  4. yep ... wifi is working .. but bluetooth is not :/ .. and .. SD CARD NOT ! 8gb without problem .. 2gb without problem ... - android recognize detects it normally ..but when i try 16gb ...i can browse files with file explorer (there is sd card in file exp.) but in settings it's like there's no card ..and camera says insert sd card..... and btw: what button is for back / step back ? .
  5. i installed that bundle.(android mounted sucessfuly). then i made 2 updates ... - update white theme(orignal froyo bar) and update my storage fix ( now under my storage on android ) and there is only SDCARD (name of partition where is android installed with free 660mb)... and also Bluetooth and wifi is not working :/ .. Edit : my bad ... :unsure: sd card and my storage (called storage) is working now.. anyway Wifi and bluetooth still are not working :/
  6. hi , thank you for nice job .. (android is working fine..) but ... how to enable My storage (6,5gb) and SD Card capacity (i have 16gb sdhc) ?
  7. yes , thanks it's useful but i meant these 2 tabs , i think it will be somewhere in registry .. :-/ Screenshot_1.bmp
  8. hi , where can i change on home screen "Phone" and "Phonebook" tab...-because i am using "Resco Contact Manager" and i dont want to have there Samsung Dialer..thank You
  9. so for now, thank you for all :-)
  10. so that files are - .eb0 and .csc ? and are these files compatible with your rom ?
  11. hi , i am new in flashing :huh: ...so where can i get .CSC and .NB0 files ? :-/

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