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  1. Try to remove packages one by one. There are some packages that must not be removed.
  2. As i said my omnia is away. But, if you use the rom tool mentioned in the collection thread and follow the instructions on how to use a new kernel sys build, the 29022 will work as good as the 29xxx before. Be sure to have the right language files for the kernel sys/xip. If you are on wwe (409) you can get the kernel files here
  3. There are some nearly full rom's with Kernel 29022 in this forum. Look at the New collection thread Oh sorry, see the last one is 29017, but what the hell is better in 29022?
  4. you can use the rom-tool descriped in the collection thread to open your bin-file
  5. No after a long time my omnia pro (aka 7610) gets lost. This is the point where I decide to no longer develop any roms for that great device. I'll stay with my hd2 leo until it will make his last way to whatever. I'm no friend of android or windows phone seven, so I hope, its life is long enough for me ;-) Thx to you all for the support and making this forum and this device a good one
  6. i have installed version from some here in the forum and it works
  7. might be 6.5.3 problem. Did not have it on my 6.5.5 or 6.5.0 rom's
  8. alle roms im nb0 format lassen sich mit octan i9nstallieren. Näheres dazu im Collection Thread
  9. here download links are working (today tested)
  10. it has been at post #2 by Sumit Bhardwaj that there is no need to flash eboot. I have only flashed nb0 part.
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