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  1. Hi, Thanks for all the advice. The areas I will be are: 1) Dallas TX 2) Rural TN between Memphis & Nashville 3) Interstates between the two above points. I'll be using AT&T through Straight Talk - pre-pay $45 per month for unlimited talk / text / data or $30 per month for 1000/1000/30Mb (the data could run out really fast but if I don't have 3G then this could be the better option). I think I'll take my OSF, see how I get on with 1900 and just live without 3G. Ultimately I'll have Wifi at home and at work, and if I find out that I need 3G or the 850 band then I'll just buy a handset out there. My the way, is there any truth in the above message that upgrading to Gen2 allows the OSF to use 850Mhz? Thanks guys, James
  2. Hmm... more after phone advice than life advice really. True, many reasons not to go but also many reasons to go. I won't know unless I try it so I'm going for a year and then we'll see... J
  3. Hi, I have been a fan of this site and its advice since I had my T-Mobile Pulse. I put a few custom ROMs onto it, upgraded to the San Francisco on strong recommendation and have been continuing following this site for advice and ROMs since. Now I am moving to the USA and I realise that my Blade may not be up to the task any more. Because of coverage where I will be, I will be pushed towards the AT&T network and the San Francisco unfortunately isn't quad band so can't communicate well with AT&T. Also the data frequencies are different so even with other providers, it's unlikely that I'd get 3G. Does anyone know of a good value for money Android phone that will support the AT&T telephone and data frequencies? Thanks for the advice. James
  4. I just installed Theft Aware 2.0 as a trial yesterday. Turns out that Deutsche Telecom AG, which is the German T-Mobile, volunteered to pay for the full license for me. It all happened automatically as part of the install process. They are running this promotional offer from 5th - 19th Jan. I'm not sure whether I qualified because I'm with T-Mobile or whether it's for everyone. If you're thinking about installing Theft Aware, doing it today or tomorrow may save you £10. James
  5. I noticed the same thing but got around it by downloading Gmail from the market. Could someone help with how to configure the launcher? I am used to ADW launcher but I used to be able to configure the settings by pressing 'Menu' in the home screen and selecting 'ADW Settings'. Doesn't seem to give me that option with this launcher. Thanks, James
  6. Hi, Firstly I'd like to say Thanks for a really great ROM. Very stable, fast and good looking. Just wondering whether anyone else is having problems with GPS. After an hour or so of navigation, my phone loses its GPS signal and never re-establishes. If I power down the phone, boot up again and restart Google Navigation then it works fine for another while but I drove for 6 hours yesterday and had to reboot the phone 5 times. The only other problem I have with the phone/ROM is that I often get FC errors on the eBay service when I unlock the phone to get to the home screen. The app isn't running at the time but I guess it has installed a constantly running process. That isn't a big problem though. U8220, T-Mob 2.1 Hungarian, No CUSTOM_HU, FLB1.2 Tre Otherwise it's fantastic. Thanks again. James
  7. Thank you DanWilson and piterr. Downloaded and working perfectly. Finally my pulse does everything that I bought it for... if I ever meet you, I'll buy you a drink! James
  8. The link above no longer seems to be working. Could someone with the working apk please upload the file for us. Thanks. :(
  9. I'm no expert but my phone did this and I did a full wipe, reinstalled the rom and google maps was still missing. What sorted it out in the end was "fixing the mismatch UID". I did this by going into the Quick Boot app, choosing the recovery console, selecting the Other option and then fixing the UID mismatch. Hope it works for you and thanks to Robot1000, who suggested the fix.
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