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  1. hello again, i switched back to the original lockscreen cause s2u2 was too laggy for me. and i remember, that mr.freezy had a solution for using the fullscreen weather with the default lockscreen. has anybody tried it? no problems with updating weather? thanks
  2. i found that in the gchris-thread: ....For anyone interested in using the Full Screen Weather by sv0911 install the respective cabs (today screen and/or s2u2) & copy the desired weather images pack, after which replace the files in \Program Files\CHeroClock\ with the ones in the attached archive........ i will try it these days, but it seems that one titanium is enough and i can copy your config.ini to the gchris-folder. i will report. good night
  3. hello again, this mornign i made an update and suddently everything was fine. i dont know why, but i think there is aproblem with running two versions of titanium weather at the same time.
  4. hello master of fullscreen weather, i have a little problem. ive used spb+s2u2 and fullscreen worked fine. now i switched to gchris titanium theme(included weather) and at the first time the fullscreen weather on s2u2 was fine. but now its gone and ive no idea. thanks in advance
  5. hello friends, great skin, i like it. Im searching for the app to control the rington (switching from ringing to vibrate or silent mode). is there an exe or ink, whats the name or where can i find it? thanks in advance
  6. i think softreset or using a program like htc clean ram will help.
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