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  1. So, "adb shell sm set-force-adoptable true" doesn't work? It works on the Nexus 5X/6P with an OTG drive. Cheers!
  2. That's why I got a Galaxy Nexus and not an S3: Bloody TOUCHWIZ! The GNex is cheaper and almost as fast as the S3 and with timely updates. Did I mention a pure google experience??? Cheers!
  3. Freaking great. I'd like to have one here in Venezuela. Greetings to you all!
  4. Thanks, we'll wait. But do we need to wipe our devices to use it?? I'm currently using stock 20L and I bet many other people are. Cheers!
  5. Paul, Can I run Deodex me with this ROM??? @Trym Hansen: thanks! Cheers!
  6. How do I enable that lockscreen??? And a question for Paul, Can I upgrade to GR5 (when released) from this stock ROM???? Cheers!
  7. I used the ROM Manager's CWM with no issues. But I'm not using ROM Manager anymore. I just rebooted on recovery to flash GR4. Cheers!
  8. I did. That's why I'm asking. For what I can tell, only the popup of battery full is the change that applies to the stock prebak because the other changes applies when you cook your own ROM. So, I'd better stay with yesterday's prebake because I like stock-like ROMS with stock kernel. Cheers!
  9. I don't know if Paul of anyone can help me, I flashed the yesterday's prebake (only 1 file) and it works great but now there's 3 prebake versions. So my questions are the following: 1. What's different from yesterday's and today's STOCK??? I really mean stock (which should be similar to yesterday's prebake) 2. If they're different (improvements), can I flash the 2 part stock on top of my current ROM without wipe??? That's all. I hope you can answer me. I wish I had the 9 dollars to get the AdFree membership but in Venezuela we have currency exchange control (or whatever it's called) and we only have 400$ per year we can spend on internet shopping, which I did few moths ago. Blame my president. Cheers!
  10. Yes, beware of flashing anything on the front USB ports. The first day I got my 2x I ran LG software update and the phone never booted after the flash. I had to download the ROM via SmartFlash (the longest waiting I ever had because I thought I bricked my phone for good) and then I used the ports on the back. Then, my phone lived! Cheers!
  11. Well, first, make sure you're using bootcamp natively and not through a VM like Parallels o VMware because it's risky as hell. Second, when you plug the phone while holding Vol- wait a copuple of seconds before releasing the Vol- key. Then, when Smartflash detects the phone, don't click start right away and wait about 4 or 5 seconds. Then the flashing process will go without problems. If you still get timeout error, click start again WITHOUT disconnecting the phone and restarting the proceess again. I faced myself that timeout error before and it worked after the retry. I also don't know why Paul advises to remove the battery before the flash. I just turn the phone off and wait until the touch buttons go off and then press Vol- and insert the USB cable until the "Software upgrade" message appears. Using that procedure I have used Smartflash to flash many BB/roms and my O2X is still alive. I hope that helps. Cheers!
  12. It won't wipe your internal SD. Just the data partition. The phone boots but you'll have to set up everything like a factory reset. I have flashed few basebands and my internal SD never gets wiped. Just copy it's contents to your computer to be sure. Cheers!
  13. Thanks for your replies! I will dowgrade soon and then restore my nandroid and change the RIL using the app. 622 was a great BB for me although someone on XDA is using 405 because it works best for him. Thanks again guys. Cheers!
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