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  1. Is there anyway to revert this back to standard? I am just wondering before i change so i can put it back if i need to get the phone replaced!
  2. I have been messing around with my new hero and i have realised that i have deleted by nandroid backup of my phone in its origional state :D Does anyone have a backup or a dump of the origional rom?
  3. Thats the problem with the C600 with the latest ROM PHM Registry editor has been blacklisted so it wont work no matter what you do to the phone. The instructions i posted above should work on a C600 with the latest rom to fully application unlock the phone, or at least unlocked enough to run WM5Storage which i beleve is one of the best tests for weather a phone is propaly unlocked. I didnt really want to use the SDA Unlocker app, i prefered to know what was being changed on my phone. I did try just setting the security to disabled but it wouldnt let me run any unsigned apps.
  4. It sounds like when you sent the email to orange your EMEI number was wrong. Check the number again to see.
  5. lol ah never mind, i dont actually speak welsh! Im here for university, im actually from Scotland.
  6. I have found the file. Im not sure where it is set in the Registry but the background that is displayed when in a call on the C600 is in /windows/ and is called C600_DialScreen_8bit.bmp. I replaced this file with another BMP, restarted and my picture is now shown when in a call!
  7. Is it feasable to use bluetooth headphones to listen to the sound of movies playing on my C600? I have read something someware that said that it causes quite a drain on the CPU which causes the video to skip.
  8. Thats a crazy value! I ment to say that this one needs to be added, woops :) Glad it worked out i havent gone as far as to try a different sim i was only going as far as the application unlock but i didnt fancy the idea of using patched roms.
  9. I really dont know, i think it would be unlikly but you can try anyway. They can only say no, unfortunatly the software will only work with the phone with the correct IMEI number so you cant even try somebody else's.
  10. When buying memory cards is it worth spending extra money on fast cards? Other than coping large files onto the card using a card reader. Does it make any difference to the usibility of the device? Do videos skip with slow cards?
  11. I sent mine one evening and got a reply the next morning. You need to send an email to [email protected] Giving them the following details Your IMEI Number, type *#06# into your phone from the home screen Your full name The mobile number if the phone to be unlocked Your contact numbers
  12. Try doing it this way. This is how i managed to get it to work in the end. Instructions
  13. Has anybody else tried this yet? Im looking for some feedback from anybody to see wether this workes for everybody?
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