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  1. New profile does not increase battery life, it only changes android gauge readings, please see: http://code.google.com/p/omnia2droid/wiki/...ge_relationship
  2. Are you sure? I'm at 133MHz right now and no SOD. I need to check 266MHz...
  3. Watch out, this setting could be battery drain cause: SLEEP_GOVERNOR_FREQENCY_MIN="266000" It's 266MHz, pretty high.
  4. You can set cpu speed in mount.sh script also. I have found that min=133MHz in sleep mode eliminates SOD. But increases battery drain :/
  5. Please, edit your posts and add info about used ROM, radio, etc version from WinMo (like JJ1 or so).
  6. Stick to ext3 - it seems that ext4 is not working correctly (SOD).
  7. It's not safe operation to shrink partitions, that's why beta installer is "SD card". You can backup your SD card easily, you can format your SD card easily, you can buy additional SD card easily. But it's not that safe with MyStorage...only for people familiar with linux.
  8. Nope, there is no "fsck.ext4" executable :huh: But please wait, I'm working over ext4 installer....
  9. I've made some filesystems benchamarks you can see here: o2droid fs comparison As you can see, ext4 is the only option we should go for :huh:
  10. Note, that JIT in Spica using Eclair was very unstable...
  11. I made this test - airplane mode for about 9 hours of standby. And power drain is almost the same: 100%->80%. But I will try again tonight, we'll see.
  12. So switching into "airplane mode" should reduce power drain?
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