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  1. wants one (but has just bought an ultrabook and already has a functional tablet (vega running ICS)
  2. Any chance we might be able to get flash working? Otherwise this ROM is beautiful. Nx
  3. fixed with this key combination found in a another post: hold back key plug power plug usb press power key release back key :)
  4. just install vegacream via NVFLASH, then setup wifi and d/l vegabean using the default browser. move it to /sd then boot into recovery (longpress power) and then you can install vegabean from there - just worked for me!
  5. i too have been running vegacomb 3.2 for some time without major probs (though does seem to struggle to standby and often just shuts down) i performed a system wipe, flashed vegacream via nv flash then wiped again before flashing vegabean via CWM recovery. (all the blurb during installation mentioned vegaCREAM, but i just assumed this was a remnant of the previous incarnation?) since then i have not been able to boot it up - screen backlight comes on and stays on, but it wont do anything else. i also cannot seem to be able to get it into recovery with the back/power key combination whatever i try with the power and USB leads. :( anyone know any other tricks? Nx
  6. I'll second advent Vega, especially with new VegaICS beta1 rom. NOT great out of the box, but a definite contender once updated (easy to do), and LOTS of developer support online... :)
  7. i have the same problem as the initial poster - i'm on vegacomb 3.2 9n and cannot boot into recovery to flash honeyice. it just reboots into vegacomb every time. i bought my vega back in november/december 2010! so it isnt something advent have changed recently. would very much appreciate an NVflash version of honeyice (and a little aide memoire on how to flash it - its been a LOOONG while since i have had to flash stuff over usb using adb) dr_nick
  8. Ah I see. Orange to blame - surprise surprise! may have to get round to rooting my desire then; need to get rid of all the bloatware anyway but never been brave enough... Thanks!
  9. I have searched on this and while there are several posts, they all just say "use the stock portable wifi app that congress with froyo on HTC phones". while I can happily and security connect to the portable hotspot this creates, for the life of me I cannot get the Vega to use the shared internet connection. I cannot connect to my email server (stock email app) or stock or 3Rd party browsers (miren, dolphin). I also can't get planet to work over Bluetooth either (my preference as would conserve battery on both devices). What am I missing? Dr_Nick
  10. Like these. =) I have only simpler things like when I'm at work it stops syncing, sets to silent and texts twitter to turn off txt updates. When I'm in the car it enables a profile to read outloud incoming texts (unfortunately, not been able to get my car (Ford Kuga) to work in Bluetooth a2dp only mono Bluetooth headset so can't stream music or podcasts, and it doesn't handle these incoming texts as phone calls so doesn't interrupt my music or radio - in fact I have also disabled the text reading when I'm listening to podcasts as the two just clash terribly). Would love to use it to push messages to my sony ny watch using openwatch, but not figured that out yet... Your ideas inspire me to do more =) Dr_Nick
  11. What am i doing wrong? I have an htc desire and can tether to it using in built portable wifi hotspot, but it will not give me internet access either for web browser or email app... Is there sometyhing i need to enable on the vega? Thanks... Dr_nick
  12. really want this but still not got round to rooting my desire.... :P
  13. didnt realise you could put MCR r6 on top of 1.08! doing it now :lol:
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