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  1. narkaotic

    First impressions of the Windows Phone 8X by HTC

    Battery life???
  2. narkaotic

    nesoid and snesoid

    Has someone tried this emulators on liquid?i tried but didnt work on 1.4 lcr. Someone know why??
  3. narkaotic

    [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    load contacts loading from sim card.. this notification is always on... LCR 1.4 i have tried to sincronize but notthing happens
  4. narkaotic

    Wallpaper for Liquid

    wow!!!! Thank you very much
  5. narkaotic

    [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    Same happened to me, and the alarm didn wake me up!!!!!!!
  6. narkaotic

    [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    Ok. its done and working. Thank you guys, amazing job!!!!!
  7. narkaotic

    [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    I´m using Evil Eclair 1.8, can i reflash it and how? Full wipe dalvik and data and update any zip?( Previously i had installed Lcr 1.1.)
  8. i have the liquid comunity rom v1.1. can i flash your 1.6 rom? do i have to wipe data and dalvik? thanks
  9. narkaotic

    [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    acer download tool gives me an error on win 7, "A1 tool stopped working" and i cant flash with the Eclair image. What can i do????
  10. well, I uninstalled the linpus russian keyboard and now autocomplete works in spanish!!!!yeah!!
  11. narkaotic

    Google Wave

    One wave, please!!
  12. it didnt work. Can i remove the linpus russian keyboard from the liquid and install a spanish one??
  13. hi, I have a problem with the keyboard! I followed your instructions to change the dictionary language, but now i have the keyboard in russian, and i want to have it in spanish or english. Please help. Can anyone send me the original LatinIME.apk? ROM 1_008_00_EMEA_GEN!
  14. narkaotic

    06/01 0.3.1 - Lickonn recovery image

    To backup my sd card, all i have to do is to copy/paste? Once i split the sd card, where and how do i have to move the backup to the sd Sorry about my english

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