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  1. Damn, wifi is the only thing i needed at the moment. And is there nobody here on the forum that is a kernel developer?
  2. But are you still working on this? Or will it never be working?
  3. What must i enter here? I've lost my wifi mac, so i don't no what to fill in.
  4. hello, I'n searching of my wifi problemens, i found out the i don't have a wifi mac address. Ony ff.ff.ff.ff.ff ( What i've done so far; Flash to windows 6.5 Flash to windows 6.1 New flash of the .csc file Activate wifi with SDKTools No results so far. When i use the search function i see that i am not the only one with this problem, but nobody has a solution for is. Please help me
  5. When i go to system / settings / verion Wifi mac: 000000000 I've enabled wifi with sktools, but still no connections
  6. Get the latest time no more connection trough Wifi. I can find my home network and I can also enter the key. But then he hangs at connecting, or network out of reach. I Use NODATA.cab , because I want to purely internet trough wifi and not trough KPN. (dutch telecom provider) Because I have no internet package from my provider
  7. Hello, I'am looking for a original dutch rom, with the original dutch settings and font. The first or the last one i don't care. Hope someone can help me.
  8. Just did a master reset. But the problem is still there. Also i tried u different csc file, but the date and keyboard is still in swedish. Wich part must i flash to change this?
  9. No that one is not okay It also says "WM version: WM 6.5 build 21889 (CSC with Swedish keyboard layout)" And i want a dutch CSC file. And the other links from older versions are dead.
  10. My settings are just set to dutch, but the problem is still here. Where can i find the original samsung firmware? An older one is no problem. Wich files i must use while i am using octans?
  11. Today i've flashed my omnia with an original samsung firmware. My phone is a dutch one, so i have set the language in to dutch while i was using octans. Phone is working correctly no, menu language is oke. But the name of date and keyboard layout not. It swedish or dansk i think. Does anybody know how to solve this? Sorry for my bad english
  12. In octans i've changed it from english to dutch, and the phone itself it's in dutch. Only the name's of the days are not in dutch. But al the other words and settings are correct.
  13. I've just flashed my phone with this rom in to dutch. But the name of the days are not in dutch, but in german i think. How can i resolve this?
  14. What files do i need more to flash it. Is the nb0 file enough? Or where can i download the other files that i need. I'am jusing a dutch B7610
  15. Iemand enig idee hoe ik deze rom via octans kan flashen? Blijft bij mij hangen na het detecten op "Phone: file loading" Heb alleen het Nb0 bestand. Verder zat er ook niks bij deze download.
  16. Already tried that, windows says that i already have the latest drivers. In OCTANS the message i get : [setup] Windows XP [setup] Download Ram Size :41777920 bytes,(39 MB) But still nothing happend
  17. How can i flash this file to my omnia PRO B7610? I work with Windows 7X64 I've downloaded OCTANS Downloader, there i select this file. Then detect phone, but nothing happend. Can someone help me?
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