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  1. @adeii Does your ROM have the black screen bug as well? Thanks.
  2. @adeii I copied the LIBs in vendor but it does not work. SK9.0 worked fine. I did not try the SK9.1.
  3. I confirm that TWRP for Y300 works fine on G510. Thanks dev.
  4. Thanks. I'm going to try it right now and I will let you know. EDIT: NFC seems to work but it doesn't read NFC tag. I tried several apps.
  5. Can anyone build a ROM with the latest security patch and updates, please? Thanks
  6. Thanks for all @adeii All 5.1 and later have black screen bug. Can you build SlimKat Legacy with security patch, fix, kernel update and other, please? Thanks.
  7. I tried and it work but this kernel works better even if it's not overclocked.
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