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  1. Hi everyone! I have a motorola defy with green lens, and with an interesting touchscreen bug or i dont known. It's really annoying for me please help! here's some of this thing! Thanks!
  2. But the ui is soo ugly without Surface Dithering And the frog is still missing
  3. And many games has this problem in cm7 also in gallery when zooming in a picture. Sry for my english.
  4. It has samsung's os, not windows mobile :lol: sry 4 my english
  5. Hi Ock! You are a great cooker. No. THE BEST cooker! I like your roms! Please make a b7300 rom for i900 users with your Ability. It would be nice! Thanks! Sorry for my english.
  6. Here some bootpictures for omnia users by me :lol: extract the archive and replace the files in the windows folder! Have a nice day Shutdown Power on boot.rar
  7. Hi Steff! Nice rom :) but i have a little problem, with total commander: Only 2 row icons in"large icons". Any idea? Thanks and sorry for bad english :)
  8. http://myi900.blogspot.com/2010/08/build-23569-alphaui.html New rom? B) :lol:
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