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  1. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=24513344
  2. tried 'adb reboot bootloader'? should work on a non-rooted/non-unlocked phone...
  3. well done sir! so i guess you figured out what the problem with creating boot-images was then? ;)
  4. xkonni

    WLAN Problem

    Try to set the ip manually and see if this works. I've successfully connected to several wifi networks, wpa2 and wpa enterprise.
  5. ok awesome ;D i thought i just had it wrong and couldn't see it... waiting patiently for updates ;)
  6. @paul please share your mkbootimg commandline... i just unpacked the boot.superboot.img - unpackbootimg from cm source 'unpackbootimg -i boot.superboot.img' ) and repacked it - mkbootimg from cm source 'mkbootimg --kernel boot.superboot.img-zImage --ramdisk boot.superboot.img-ramdisk.gz --base 80400000 --cmdline console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 -o boot.img' when i fastboot boot your boot.superboot.img i get a red warning on white background, but then it actually boots anyway. for my repacked image it just reboots after showing the warning. i even did a hexdump, and the images just differ on 0x14... but i can't reproduce the value that yours has in that place. (of course i can edit the value, but then it's actually the same image...) if you don't want to tell, please at least say so ;)
  7. yep works just fine ;) on another topic, please tell which tools/commandline you used to pack that boot.img... if i as much as unpack and repack it, it won't boot anymore...
  8. use stuff like gparted. but its only 32meg, i doubt you will ever miss that :)
  9. partitioning is up to you, if you use apps2sd, make that ext partition as large as you think you need it to be. rest for the fat32. currently you do not need a swap partition at all. but that has nothing to do with available ram. the android system takes care of the ram, there will always be enough to open new apps, as it closes unneeded ones. do not think your phone is slow because theres not much ram free. if you do want to control which apps run, grab a taskmanager from the market. i got one, but mostly to kill apps that i want to restart (xbmc remote needs that quite often...)
  10. just guessing. that might be because the reboot command is not linked up to busybox/toolbox. what happens if you enter it manually in a terminal? (su, then reboot)
  11. xkonni

    .7 Kernel

    setcpu is able to control the cpu a little more than the kernel will do and works with any kernel. i usually just set it to 245mhz on sleep.
  12. since yesterday, amon_ra recovery is open source too. so soon we might get the best of both merged into one :)
  13. using the recovery and the donate version of the app. koush is doing a great job in this, and its open source - while afaik amon_ra always kept his sources closed. with the app you can tell it to make a backup and choose a name too. and keep roms in a subfolder, among other nice ideas. its not as far developed as amon_ra recovery but i'm sure that will change soon. i suggest you give it a try and see for yourself. you can always go back to amon_ra. but beware, the backups may not be fully compatible. (clockwork backs up more partitions and in a different folder. you can probably restore these with fastboot, but not necessarily on amon_ra)
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