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  1. I usually Hard Reset after I flash. My flashing procedure usually goes like this. First check for Ock's updates ;) Then..... 1.Charge Phone fully. 2.Re-Flash Phone part (Using XBIC1) 3.Format SD card and My Storage. 4.Flash Ock's Rom and let setup complete. 5.Hard reset. 6.Completely set-up phone(settings, contacts, weather put pictures and music on ...etc..) 7.Soft Reset. 8.Show off my flash new phone ;) Oh and the difference in builds just read the first page, Ock tells you what he has changed tweaked etc.....
  2. I know you probably might not want to but just try flashing it. that will sort it out, Im using radd and jc rom but am flashing to ocks new premium in the next 5 minutes just waiting for download lol.
  3. the settings dont work. unless you use the classic UI ok/close button on top. the new UI changes the layout so it goes weird. if you want to emulate snes gb gba etc. use 218xx builds of 6.5 or just use 6.1. :) hope this helps .
  4. Nice 1 m8 will sure be doing some testing when the gf comes round :) will give you feedback on on this version and tips for the next
  5. Hi Ock I prefer to use the 218xx builds (more responsive IMO) but and I like to install only what i use so I always go for your UL builds. I only ever use the new UI when you cook your premium builds (I love all the apps you choose) anyways I am hoping to install M2Dv2 as my UI and the the theme/version that you use is well......beautiful :). So could you possibly post a file of a whole M2Dv2 that you use. Like the all in one cab from M2D classic. I will be happy to donate. thanks in advance Master Ock.... ;)
  6. Using phone part from DXIA2 TO PUJA1 and well its working fine. goes well with Ock's 23637 UL build :mellow: Fast stable and good battery life. I recommend this combination. <_< But hey try it for yourself
  7. All credit to you. you think you could work on using the G-Sensor for the next version?? that would make it spot on :( Cheers for this great app.
  8. Try the alpha one. its the best for me, has more options the latest 1.2 alpha but its an alpha so its still in testing but I havent had any problems :(
  9. Well I never new bout smartgear till you just mentioned it :( so I will look into that and Post a page for emulators. Hopefully I will manage to sort this thread out so it will be all tidy :( just kinda hard when your unsure. Anyways thanks for pointing out SmartGear Im gunna go check it out now. Just found this page here on modaco about smartgear: http://www.modaco.com/content/smartphone-s...r-sp-beta-test/
  10. Hi ock Im using UL 21892 and on message screen i have a double scrollbar i remember seeing a fix .cab for this but cant seem to find the link on your page. could you or anybody possibly post the link to this .cab please :( For usefull apps try my new thread I will be updating daily :( http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...for-omnia-i900/
  11. Here it Is I will be uploading screenshots as soon as possible. MorphGear.rar Hope you enjoy
  12. Hi all. sorry i will be updating soon, I just re-flashed from PDhee 21893 to Ock 21892.(I prefer the classic UI) anyways I have been playing with MorphGear to get it working smoothly on our omnia's. I will be uploading the whole package as a rar file shortly, this will include a full MorphGear with all modules, Registration patch, Instructions on how to install, GBA skin and SNES skin for virtual pad :( I hope you will all enjoy
  13. Hey. It might be an issue with your rom build.. what build are you using. I have tested on PDhee, Ock, sector,shokka and well quite a few other chefs and it seems to work fine with all. i mainly use it on 6.5 builds not 6.1 so it might be that
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