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  1. Launching with Gingerbread is a major downer. You think it's because it takes so long to get optimise for Intel?
  2. It's getting on my nips that there aren't any reviews for the One X yet. A few high rated reviews for it and I'll be more than happy to take up one of the preorder offers around.
  3. From what we already know about the One X's internals (Tegra 3 etc) would you expect it to get a stable, fully working CM9 port fairly promptly after release or would you expect it to be problematic?
  4. Tempted to go for the One X when my Galaxy S II contract is up in May, but I know I won't bite until the Galaxy S III is announced.
  5. Installed the signed apks on my Hero, works fine except pressing the hardware search button no longer does anything (long press does voice search though)... Any way to fix this?
  6. I cannot find Twidroid on the Market, so I assume I also cannot see any copy protected apps (Although I don't know any others to try) I installed this rom after a wipe so I'm not sure how to fix it?

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