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  1. finally it's workin fine :huh:,the problem was the rom,i tried only the emu with mortal kombat 2,boost mode on but no touchscreen :),but now i tried with wipeout and that's running good.thanks everyone
  2. yeah i know,i have a bios of course.0.10.11 version FC when i turned on boost mode,0.10.10 version ok,but when i turned on boost mode,i can't use the touchscreen.WTF? :huh: i'll try with another ROM,maybe that's the problem
  3. i tried to turn on when the game's already loaded,but it says only in bios mode,so i think it cant be enabled while a game's running.so i tried to turn on when i stared fpse,but always FC.im usin FLB-R10 on 710 MHz,im tried with lower freqs but thats not helping :huh:
  4. it's not working for me :) when i try to turn on boost mode fpse force closing :huh: ,i try with another version,this one's not fc but the touchscreen doesnt work when boost mode is on.
  5. i think this is the best ROM so far :huh: .thank you Flibble,you are the master :)
  6. anyone tried to boot to recovery,or reboot the phone from the reboot menu?when i selected reboot on the white screen,the reboot menu in the back started,but white screen doesn't dissapear,any idea?
  7. i tried the alpha4,but after the phone is boot up,says no sim card.what can be the problem?anyone knows?
  8. fring settings enable camera
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