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  1. Wow, guess no one uses this device as a sat nav on long trips
  2. Hi Can anyone recommend a car holder for the Desire Z, my current one wont allow me to charge it due where the charging socket is. Regards David
  3. Hi Does anyone know if any of the UK networks will be doing the HTC Desire Z? so far I have only found shops like carphone warehouse which are showing the device as coming soon, I contacted T-mobile and they said they where not doing the device, they have not go back to me when I said T-Mobile USA where doing the device so are they sure its not going to be available. Regards
  4. Do you have to put in your username to be entered? does it matter if you pick anonymous or don't you get an entry in to win a prize?
  5. I noticed it when it came in to my inbox, first time I think I have noticed spam on here. I am surprised its not been dealt with, There again I guess it does depend on if anyone used the report post button to let the MOD's that its spam.
  6. Is a separate thing? as you cant Twitter DM someones email address and supertrader didnt ask for a twitter account ID?
  7. HTC vision, looks like the next android device for me, dont think I would manage without a hardware QWERTY keyboard :) just need a release date now :D
  8. Hi Just had a call from T-Mobile or someone claiming to be T-mobile, however since is around the time that I am due a for a new phone and everyone pretending to be my provider phone about 6/12months too late. I believe it was T-mobile. anyway, I am wondering what phone to get next. I currently have G1 and since T-mobile told me on the phone that they will not be doing the N900 which was the next phone I was looking at getting, I am now looking for another android phone. The person from T-mobile did say that I could upgrade to the N900 at the carphone warehouse, since I don't want a contract with the carphone warehouse, I guess its android is again :rolleyes: The top app's I use are ConnectBot Email/Messaging CoPilot I would prefer something with a hardware keyboard. Looking at the news pages the HTC Vision might be worth holding out for if its the same as the HTC Desire but with slid out hardware keyboard? let me know what you think. Regards David
  9. Do you use your phone for making any financial transactions or purchases? If yes, what type? If no, why not? Not had the need to. Have you had any experiences with using mobile phones for purchases? If yes, please explain. If no, why not? Nope What mobile phone services do you find yourself using the most and which ones do you find the most useful? Why? Data for internet access, for email on the move, IRC, and web browsing Does price effect your decision to use mobile phone services? If yes, please explain. Doesnt effect my decision to use mobile phone services but price does effect which provider to go with. What might motivate you to use mobile commerce? Not sure Do you have a need for on-the-go internet connectivity? If yes, how do you achieve this goal? Please mention the types of devices and/or services you use for this. Yes, I use smarthphones/pocket pc's
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