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  1. Thanks Thanks Thaks alot work fine with me i900JPID1 i had unlocked 2 Networks **EGYPT Etaslat & Mobinil thanks again
  2. Cmera :- Unable to read this file after recordin with normal mode 320*240 or 640*480 or slow mode noway please help.....................?????
  3. camera cannot read this file when i want to record vedio normal or slow please help ?????????????????????????
  4. woooooow great roms (23529 m2d) all thing go as well but i have 2 quest. 1-how to change home screen wallpaper not m2dc i mean the home when i set any background i found no thing change... 2-the BT headset dose't work with music
  5. thank you ock i will try now...............23529 m2d i hope that's fine
  6. Hi Freindes. How can i enable vedio call in wm6.5 roms for Omnia i900 is there"s a cab fo it?? thank you
  7. hi. Regular how are you my name Kamel (omnia i900) reg at ce4arab.com please:- this rom is (wm6.5)?? m2d or normal.lite???? screenshoot? thanks alot for you dear freind Best wishes for you
  8. Hi . all freindes in some coustum roms like (steff195 i900 6.5.3 28014 M2DV2) and other when i open any vedio file or recorded vedio .device tell cannot open file or not supported but im using:- core player . touch player . windows media player and try to open file with any one this programs by using open with in resco explorer. touch player : cannot play the file or it's not supporter wmp : cannot play the file or it's not supporter core player registred version : touch player : cannot play the file or it's not supporter finaly no thing change it dosen't open is there any slove i have alot of rom like 28014 dosen't play vedio files thanks or what's the best (best) wm6.5 m2d fo omnia i900
  9. hi cga please what do you mean by "New build is coming up in February from microsoft" is this official upgrade to wm 6.5?????? thank you
  10. Hello all is there any news about Official WM6.5 Upgrade for samsung omnia? will coming in this time or later? i hope that. thanks for you
  11. PDhee M2D v2 ROM :: Build 21889.5.0.87 and PDhee i900Omnia 23518 M2D beta1 when i do softreset or shutdown its auto format the device i need help to slove this problem because i love like this two rom
  12. Hi Master Dhee, i have a problem with this rom M2D v2 ROM :: Build 21889.5.0.87 (Com 2 that when i do soft reset or shut down its auto format alwayes i need your help to slove this problem its excellent rom thank you
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