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  1. I also ordered two - will check back with the news as soon as I have them :D
  2. Well, your issue appears to be a bit different from mine (my phone didn't even see such a device as a camera on boot). Good for you that you can use warranty (mine is imported from the UK so postage fee would cost as much as the phone is 'worth' (I bought a 3 month old TFT one for my mom for about ~65 pounds with Hungarian warranty) so it's a no-go. On the other hand I love my OLED screen so if it gives up completely I'll go for a used Desire I guess but not for a TFT Blade... Conclusion: most of the time it has to be a hw-related issue when you receive a "Cannot connect to camera" message - mine was (sort of) fixed by installing GSF onto it which is "just" a ROM. Before that none of the (official & non-official) TPTs helped, no other (2.1, 2.2, 2.3.3) ROMs made the miracle so I guess it's just something that happened to (the physical) camera instead of anything done by software changes.
  3. During the weekend my camera started working again, so I tend to see this as more of a hw-related issue :rolleyes: Will check your thread now :)
  4. Update - lost camera functionality again... First it FC'd, then after reboot again 'Cannot connect to camera'. Absolutely no clue why... :)
  5. Weird... I have really tried all possible things from gen2 -> gen1 -> gen2, full wipe, with and without SD for a long long time without any success... Restoring previously working ROMs from backup, newer ROMs, TPT method, official update package and everything like these. And finally with GSF camera started working again! What is your diagnosis? (I mean dmesg output and so on, the ones I've posted - might be a slightly different issue, right?)
  6. Excellent news - for some unexplainable reason after installing the leaked official 2.3.4 based ROM my camera has started working again... Now I am as happy as ever :)
  7. Hi all, asked some of my friends to dig deep down in my logs (dmesg), here are the results. I am not very familiar with these things, so I'm kinda providing update on what's happening (and also hope that some dev could check this and hopefully help me out on this one :P) The first interesting row in the dmesg log is: <3>[05-19 17:45:21.638148] [56: mt9t11x_wq]msm_i2c msm_i2c.0: Error during data xfer (-5) Now apparently mt9t modules' (integrated imaging devices' drivers) like i2c can't communicate meaning they can't poll the system for camera relevant stuff thus there's nothing about them under /dev folder (I have mentioned before in a previous post that I do not have a /dev/msm_camera at all). Under this we can find this row: <3>[05-19 17:45:22.398136] [57: ov5642_wq]msm_i2c msm_i2c.0: Error during data xfer (-5) "ov" is supposed to be the driver for the OmniVision 5642 which is the 5Mpx CMOS camera (I have the 3.2Mpx version!!!); while the MT9T is the integrated imaging device. These rows probably mean that the kernel at startup can't find any device according to either driver. My friend has found a thread over at CM's where they state that similar problems are caused by incorrect/incompatible radio firmware. After all I think the root cause is that the first TPT upgrade of mine (going from Gen1 to Gen2 with curl66's method) my radio firmware was overwritten with some (well, sort of) incompatible version resulting in losing camera functionality. 3.2Mpx version is supposed to be using MT9T and 5Mpx version the OV5642, but neither of these drivers are suitable for my version. Here's the thread from CM's site. So if anyone knows the following informations PLEASE tell me, or help me find the way out of this state: - Exactly what driver is required for the UK-sourced OLED Orange San Francisco for the 3.2MPx camera ? - How can I update (or reinstall) the original, working radio fw containing this driver? - Any other suggestions on my problem? Cheers! P.s.: I have attached the dmesg file for anyone interested... Dmesg.txt
  8. Interesting might be, here are the devices visible to the system: $ export PATH=/data/local/bin:$PATH $cat /proc/devices Character devices: 1 mem 4 /dev/vc/0 4 tty 5 /dev/tty 5 /dev/console 5 /dev/ptmx 7 vcs 10 misc 13 input 21 sg 29 fb 81 video4linux 86 ch 89 i2c 90 mtd 108 ppp 116 alsa 128 ptm 136 pts 216 rfcomm 246 kgsl 247 taos 248 ttyHS 249 dia 250 adsp 251 oncrpc 252 smdpkt 253 smd 254 rtc Block devices: 1 ramdisk 259 blkext 7 loop 8 sd 31 mtdblock 65 sd 66 sd 67 sd 68 sd 69 sd 70 sd 71 sd 128 sd 129 sd 130 sd 131 sd 132 sd 133 sd 134 sd 135 sd 179 mmc 254 device-mapper $ So I guess the HW is not visible -> might be a coincidence between hw-failure and TPT method?!
  9. No I have asked my friend to please check the files and folders under /dev, and his Blade has the following stuff there: /dev/msm_camera/config0 /dev/msm_camera/control0 /dev/msm_camera/frame0 I don't even have the msm_camera folder meaning that at boot the kernel has not recognized my camera thus haven't published appropriate files in devfs (I don't get half of it but he's better at stuff like this than I am :unsure:). Any suggestions? This points at hw-related issue again but still I KNOW I didn't drop it and it all started with gen1 -> gen2 TPT method...
  10. Just to keep it from sinking - should've done new post instead of editing the previous one... :unsure: Please read the previous, edited post!
  11. GPS reboots - well known CM7 issue, has been around in earlier versions (gen1) also.
  12. I am still trying to figure out why I keep getting 'cannot connect to camera' errors... The main reason I ask about that here is since wbaw and curl66 mates appear to be know what they're doing :unsure: I did some google-research and figured that most of the times it happens to phones are updates (I've found mainly Motorola OTA issues); and it happened to me while converting my SanFran gen1 -> gen2. I've given up on trying to fix it with going back to gen1 then official update to gen2, trying CM7 and SS/FLB ROMs (to test if it was hardware related or not). Would it be possible to ask you guys to have a look at my logcat please? It appears that some sw can not be found/loaded and can't seem to figure out why - not too deep into Android development :)
  13. Thanks, I'm back to Gen2 (via Hungarian T-Mobile's official update), tried FLB and now SS RLS5. Still no camera. Reformatted SD - still no success. Read somewhere that too much pictures on the SD give a hard time to the camera (through the gallery app) so erased most of the pics - no success. Started to give up. But then again: there was no problem with the camera until I used this method... BUT reTPTing didn't help so it shouldn't be a sw-related issue... But also my phone was not dropped or hit so I'd say it shouldn't be hw-related also. Stuck here... Also there's no mention anywhere about requiring a clean, freshly formatted SD for the TPT process, it says here in the first post: "Download and extract the zip file to your SD-Card of the ZTE Blade so you can see a folder "image" on the SD-Card" - that's all that I've found about it here :unsure:
  14. I guess it requires someone with a bit of Android knowledge to fix this... It's not Blade specific though but can not reproduced so as soon as a developer suffers from it we'll have the solution (hopefully). Now there are many 2.2 options available for Gen1 phones like FLB and Swedish Spring. (By the way you should be upgrading to Gen2 since even the latest CWM recovery is for Gen2 only... ) Best way could be the official 2.2 (Hungarian T-Mobile) update here... It did not solve my problems which tells me there's a slight chance for the issue to be hw-related... All my drivers have been fully updated with official update, and before that I went gen1 -> gen2 (that was when my camera stopped working), then gen2 -> gen1 (to be completely fit for the official update), then gen1 -> gen2 (with the update). All these steps meant that the whole internal memory had been restructured thus resulting in a complete, 100% fully wipe system-wise. And still I have a non-working camera no matter what I do (reformatting SD, wiping, reinstalling, restoring backups from the time it worked). Edit: Did some further research about this and have found some solutions - which don't work for me, just sharing with you as some interesting theories: 1. At XDAdevelopers' place there's some solution for the camera (not fully functional): "I have a workaround by copying /system/lib/libcamera.so and /system/lib/libqcamera.so from the original, stock image of my phone. This results in a working camera." I have tried it but just didn't find any libqcamera.so files in any of my stored ROMs (FLB version, SwedishSpring etc), only libcamera.so. Overwriting the existing (and rebooting) - still no success. 2. Then I got the idea to check wheter or not I have anything under /dev/msm_camera/ but I do not even have such a folder... (Checked with RootExplorer). I'd like to ask any of you whoever has a working camera to please check it and report back if I should have a /dev/msm_camera or not, please... 3. Another nice idea from here (supposing that it's some messed up resolution setting that stops my camera from starting). Tried it, didn't work either (app states something is wrong and suggests to be started in hw-compatibility mode - no success again). 4. Issue No. 2705 @Cyanogen (and some other sites) suggest that there's something messed up with the radio image... But then I did the official gen1 -> gen2 upgrade (official Hungarian T-Mobile 2.2 release for the ZTE Blade) which basically erases the whole system structure, resizes everything and then builds up the system from nothing... So should work. On the other hand most similar issues started with OTA upgrades or CM6-7 updates... And afterwards most of them stayed like that (even with restoring formerly working Nand backups to a fully wiped phone). Would be nice if some dev could take a look at the logs or tell me some things to try... :unsure: So this is where I am at now, doing some more research
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