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  1. which version, storage wise?
  2. how would those numbers and you cover the shipping be?
  3. i was slightly more looking to the voucher prices as im thinknig about getting an xz3 (i clearly have a phone buying problem), that negotiable with you?
  4. Have both, no use for them (i have too many phones) Both immaculate condition, with boxes and all bits. Honor 10 comes with couple cases. K10000pro just the stock case. Honor is Glacier grey (pale blue) and 128gb. BTW, also have pixel xl, pixel, nexus 4, nexus 5, iphone 5, oneplus 3t that not really looking to part with but maybe if good offer. Price for Honor 10, and k10000pro depends, beat what CEX offer and im open to swap offers or swap + cash if you got something interesting EDIT: also got a samsung Galaxy Camera 2 i never use
  5. so whith the new update to lollipop (jut as M launches) the Hudle decided that i was to have it encrypted. i do not want it encrypted especialy, more over im pissed that tesco just decided it was happening, no asking me if i wanted it, no option to decline it. so i woul rather like to turn it off but tesco seem to have decided we should not be allowed that option. is there some way to turn it off that ive not noticed?
  6. dunno yet. have had one ordered for what feels like forever but mine still seems to have yet to be dispatched.
  7. im pretty sure the low battery life is cpu management. ive got the hudle and a yogapad2 which should have a fractionaly better cpu but essentially the same. the hudle always feels much more snappy than the lenovo but the battery life on the lenovo last forever. but you know its cheap and quickso i can live having to recharge it pretty much everday
  8. hmm just updated and it deleted a bunch of apps. which is odd. also any one feel the tablet seems more juddery after the update?
  9. honestly i see it ever getting L and i dont think i mind. i traded getting updates (ie buying a nexus 7 or 9) for the removable SD card slot. while updates might be nice if they actually bring soemthing new but i cant imagine they do. for me android peeked with jellybean concerning tablets and i still really miss being able to force the tablet UI but with it gone in kitkat, i dont see it making a come back.
  10. dont know if the same for everyone but mine starts to charge slow but if i leave it be a while it starts charging fast. thats with the hudl charger.
  11. update, again. so this moring plugging in the yoga 2 it was saying days again but leaving it plugged in anyway, i noticed 5 min later it had changed to hours. it didn't do this list night though so what the F is going on i dont know. could it be soemthing in the hudl2 charger thats making devices behave this way? i dont see how it could be but the their behaviour is perplexing.
  12. Hey guys, so I also have a Lenovo yoga tablet 2. Also brand new and I have just noticed it do the exact same slow charging issue. Plunged it in and said it was going to take 3 days to charge, did a power off wait 30 seconds then back on and it starts reporting it will only take a few hours. I unplug then plug back in and boom back to days. Power cycle again and back to hours. Besides me owning them both the common feature is they are both on 4.4.2. Is there maybe some problem with it and maybe some app interaction?
  13. so, im beginning to wonder does this charging bug affect ALL hudl's? i know not everyone would notice or think to come here and post but the two ive had had it and others here too have had multiple ones do it, so have we just been super unlucky or does it affect each and everyone?
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