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  1. Device clear out. 3T in black with 128gb, immaculate condition with box n bits plus a bunch of cases. £100 + p&p open to offers
  2. Deviec clearout. Pixel XL with all box n bits, immaculate condition and a hand full of cases for it. £100 + p&p open to offers
  3. mark2410

    Pixel 4

    Device cleaout. A Pixel 4, all bits included and in perfect condition with the google fabric black case on it. £400 + p&p open to offers
  4. Device clearout. Nexus 5 is excellent condition, have box and all bits and a handful of cases for it too. £65 +p&p open to offers
  5. Device clearout. A nexus 4, perfect condition,. have box and all bits with a bunch of cases for it too. £50 + p&p open to offers
  6. Device clear out. Yeah a Nexus 1, with box, pouch and orig ear buds. also with a seidio case on it. It once underwent surgery to fix the power button so now the back doesnt stay on properly but with the seido case on it looks perfect. £10 +p&p open to offers
  7. Device clearout. Works fine in very good condition, have the box and a hideous case but no other bits. £20 + p&p open to offers
  8. mark2410

    EE Rook

    Device clearout. Its an EErook, a basic device, in very good condition and have original box but no other bits. £10 + p&p open to offers
  9. Device clear out. Bought this because i wanted something with latest iOS but ive barely every touched the thing. Have original bits and box and a caseology case £650 + p&p (open to offers)
  10. Device clearout. Lumia 735, got a few cases for it, box too. Actually a really nice device but windows mobile really never took off. Immaculate condition. £25 + p&p (open to offers)
  11. Device clearout. This is a tiny, super tiny phone condition is so so, have the box and the wired hands free kit for it. No charger £10 +p&p open to offers
  12. Device clearout, its in great condition, not used much. Comes with a chunky case (i may have more somewhere) no charger or cable as nephew stole them. Have the box though. Performs crazy well given its spec, £25 + p&p (open to offers)
  13. Having a device clear out. Immaculate condition, was never used much. Stock case has yellowed with time. Comes with box and all original bits. So so a device but insane battery life. £75 + p&p (open to offers)
  14. Having a device clear out as i have too many. It has the box and a couple of cases, the cable isnt the original apple one and the screen has a small scratch on it, in the upper left. £50 + p&p (open to offers)
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