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  1. Device clear out. 3T in black with 128gb, immaculate condition with box n bits plus a bunch of cases. £100 + p&p open to offers
  2. Deviec clearout. Pixel XL with all box n bits, immaculate condition and a hand full of cases for it. £100 + p&p open to offers
  3. mark2410

    Pixel 4

    Device cleaout. A Pixel 4, all bits included and in perfect condition with the google fabric black case on it. £400 + p&p open to offers
  4. Device clearout. Nexus 5 is excellent condition, have box and all bits and a handful of cases for it too. £65 +p&p open to offers
  5. Device clearout. A nexus 4, perfect condition,. have box and all bits with a bunch of cases for it too. £50 + p&p open to offers
  6. Device clear out. Yeah a Nexus 1, with box, pouch and orig ear buds. also with a seidio case on it. It once underwent surgery to fix the power button so now the back doesnt stay on properly but with the seido case on it looks perfect. £10 +p&p open to offers
  7. Device clearout. Works fine in very good condition, have the box and a hideous case but no other bits. £20 + p&p open to offers
  8. mark2410

    EE Rook

    Device clearout. Its an EErook, a basic device, in very good condition and have original box but no other bits. £10 + p&p open to offers
  9. Device clear out. Bought this because i wanted something with latest iOS but ive barely every touched the thing. Have original bits and box and a caseology case £650 + p&p (open to offers)
  10. Device clearout. Lumia 735, got a few cases for it, box too. Actually a really nice device but windows mobile really never took off. Immaculate condition. £25 + p&p (open to offers)
  11. Device clearout. This is a tiny, super tiny phone condition is so so, have the box and the wired hands free kit for it. No charger £10 +p&p open to offers
  12. Device clearout, its in great condition, not used much. Comes with a chunky case (i may have more somewhere) no charger or cable as nephew stole them. Have the box though. Performs crazy well given its spec, £25 + p&p (open to offers)
  13. Having a device clear out. Immaculate condition, was never used much. Stock case has yellowed with time. Comes with box and all original bits. So so a device but insane battery life. £75 + p&p (open to offers)
  14. Having a device clear out as i have too many. It has the box and a couple of cases, the cable isnt the original apple one and the screen has a small scratch on it, in the upper left. £50 + p&p (open to offers)
  15. which version, storage wise?
  16. how would those numbers and you cover the shipping be?
  17. i was slightly more looking to the voucher prices as im thinknig about getting an xz3 (i clearly have a phone buying problem), that negotiable with you?
  18. Have both, no use for them (i have too many phones) Both immaculate condition, with boxes and all bits. Honor 10 comes with couple cases. K10000pro just the stock case. Honor is Glacier grey (pale blue) and 128gb. BTW, also have pixel xl, pixel, nexus 4, nexus 5, iphone 5, oneplus 3t that not really looking to part with but maybe if good offer. Price for Honor 10, and k10000pro depends, beat what CEX offer and im open to swap offers or swap + cash if you got something interesting EDIT: also got a samsung Galaxy Camera 2 i never use
  19. so whith the new update to lollipop (jut as M launches) the Hudle decided that i was to have it encrypted. i do not want it encrypted especialy, more over im pissed that tesco just decided it was happening, no asking me if i wanted it, no option to decline it. so i woul rather like to turn it off but tesco seem to have decided we should not be allowed that option. is there some way to turn it off that ive not noticed?
  20. dunno yet. have had one ordered for what feels like forever but mine still seems to have yet to be dispatched.
  21. im pretty sure the low battery life is cpu management. ive got the hudle and a yogapad2 which should have a fractionaly better cpu but essentially the same. the hudle always feels much more snappy than the lenovo but the battery life on the lenovo last forever. but you know its cheap and quickso i can live having to recharge it pretty much everday
  22. hmm just updated and it deleted a bunch of apps. which is odd. also any one feel the tablet seems more juddery after the update?
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